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Banko & Corwas

"I'm guessing it's gonna cost me a conversation for food? I guess that's fine...." the dark person shrugged somewhat lazily. Arla was about to blurt out 'excuse me?', because she had certainly not meant to invite this stranger to her home! But he continued speaking before she could object.

"Important things meant going out to find food somewhere, so I guess I don't have anything else to do for the time being. And these gems are called 'BURST Hearts'. If you can use one properly you can fuse with the Pokemon inside, as well as pull yourself into the gem... Consciously anyways."

Thoughts of interrupting disappeared from Arla's mind. For some reason, she found this interesting. She still wasn't sure that she believed what she had just seen; this boy wearing a tail and dark eyes and Poochyena ears and all. But that creature in the sky... it didn't look like a pokémon. They started walking while talking, towards the Flimsworths' street.

"I... Stole this gem. From Gaia, anyways. I don't know if you're familiar with the Petalburgh Forest, but I live there, and they intruded. They had the nerve to stomp on my only supply of food," the guy was clenching his fists rater tightly here, "I beat them all to pulps and saw this gem, and saw the Pokemon inside it, I figured it'd be better off away from those bast***s."

"Huh," Arla said, eyeing the older teenager suspiciously. "So you're basically a weird thief guy who's opposing Gaia? I guess they do seem kind of mean... but beating them up and stealing something from them? Jeez, can't you just find a job and get some money for food or something?"

Arla, still being a reckless 14 year old, didn't quite understand how harsh life could be for some people and probably came off as not a little insensitive. She said that just when they had reached her home though. The rather large, american looking villa had a garden with lots of flowers around it. The walls were white and it was a two floor building. To Arla, it was the second most boring place in the world. The first being Littleroot Town, probably.
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