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Hi Everyone.
This is my first time playing Pokemon White and although I feel like I've got the hang of it, I still am unsure about certain things.
One of these things are the Herbal Medicine, found in a market in the town where you challenge Clay, the Earth type gym leader. The market itself is relatively small and has vegetables only in the inside.
Anyways, I talked to the lady to the right and she offered stuff that heal status problems/regenerate HP, which are cheaper than the usual stuff you buy at the stores inside of the Poke Center, but the lady herself stated that these medicines are bitter.
I want to know, can I use these medicines instead of the regular ones, will they make my Pokemon less happy, or what? Also the Moo-Moo milk for example, it restores 100 HP and is cheaper than the potions.
What's the downside in using these?