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While I haven't watched cartoon network for about half a year - or any kind of tv that isn't plugged into a game console - I can safely say they're the best children's channel currently. That previous statement doesn't refer to the quality on the channel at all. There is still tat like Annoying Orange and Almost Naked Animals on the channel.

Yet, there a few hidden gems on the channel, my personal favourite being Adventure Time. Sure, the animation is quite low-end, and some parts of it make you think the people who made the show were doing hard drugs, but it's still a very enjoyable and smart kids show.

Another good show on the network is The Amazing World of Gumball. It has a unique animation style based around 2d and 3d animation, being placed on backdrops which are photos from actual places in real life. The jokes are quite amusing and aren't obnoxious. The only real issues with the show is how one-dimensional the characters can sometimes be.

To conclude (or tl;dr, if you prefer) , Cartoon Network has been improving recently. Sure, it's not near the magnum opus it was back in the 90's, but it's showing signs of returning to that form sometime in the future.
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