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Authors Notes:
After finishing up my fic over at, I decided it was time to write a new one. Deciding to post it on Pokecommunity, it soon became a Pokemon fic. I came up with a title and decided to write a story around it! Wish me luck!

Chapter One: Arrival
Yay, the tutorial! Doesn't everyone just LOVE it? Anyways, I needed to get a rather speedy start due to Halloween coming up and of course, the need for a Halloween special. We also introduce Nuku and Willow. This entire chapter was written to be the whole 'roughing it out' tutorial thingy. So, yeah, the story's about to get a whole lot more adventurous next chapter...

Chapter Two: The Day that Felicia Died
This chapter is a Halloween special, and meant to be a bit more scary than the rest of the story. For the record, when Felicia stops breathing...she dies. So, yeah. Chapter title explained. Also, chapters can start coming at a more normal pace! Plus, I plan on introducing a certain Meowth next chapter...he also happens to have a chainsaw. It will be the very Meowth mentioned in the title of the fanfic itself.

Chapter Three: The Meowth
Yes, the Meowth is the third and final traveling companion to go along with Eric and Felicia. I also plan to have the mom return as an antagonist. Anyways, while writing this chapter, I knew how Eric was going to get the badge: an illusion. After sloppily writing one, I edited the kidnapping scene to make more sense. Now, all that I have to do is find a way to add in "The Moon" and "The Wish." (which really isn't that hard. *cough* Cresselia and Jirachi *cough* Next chapter coming soon!

Prologue: Eric and Felicia
"Twelve, and you haven't even started your first pokemon journey." Eric muttered to himself, as he walked along the road. It wasn't his fault that his mother absolutely refused to let him travel! It had been two years since the day that he had chosen his first pokemon: a Charmander, which he promptly named Koza. He had hardly set foot outside his door, before his mother stopped him. With his father being dead, Eric had no choice but to stay in his hometown of Graysky. What a fitting name for such a boring town. Currently, the child walked towards his house, Koza by his side.

"Hey, Eric! Wait!" a female voice called after him. Eric froze in his footsteps and turned to see a beautiful girl running up to him. Blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, a pink, sleeveless tee-shirt, and a skirt that stopped inches above her knees. Twelve-year-old Felicia, former childhood friend. Currently, her status was as a childhood crush.

"Hm? What is it?" he asked, blushing. Koza let out a playful growl, to which Eric responded by elbowing his pokemon.

"I'm going on another journey! In the Tayna region!" Felicia laughed.

"Again?! I nearly died when you left on your first journey! It was so boring without you here, for seven whole months!" Eric whined, scratching the back of his neck.

"No, but this time, I'm inviting you!" the girl smiled.

"I don't ca--wait, what? I can come?" the boy responded, the world around him freezing.

"Yeah, I talked it over with your mother! As long as you keep your Xtransciever on hand, and call her once everyday, you can come!" Felicia grinned.

"Oh, hi you two!" said Eric's mother, who was just running up to the duo, awkwardly. Her chubby body bounced, causing Felicia to feel like she needed to look away.

"Hi, mom." Eric smiled.

"Eric, guess what? Felicia and I have a surprise for you!" his mom chuckled.

"Yeah, she just told me!" Eric said, excitedly.

"That you were getting your own Xtransciever?" his mom blurted out, confused. She held out a small box.

"No...I kind of spoiled the entire thing." Felicia said nervously, blushing.

"Aww...I didn't get to see his face!" his mother complained.

"It looked like this!" Felicia responded, before widening her eyes and dropping her jaw. Eric chuckled a bit, wondering if he really DID widen his eyes.

"Well, Eric. You still have a very big decision to make..." his mother sighed.

"Yes." was all the boy said.

"'ll be away for a long time, and..." his mother began stammering, trying to let that all too fast answer settle.

"Yes. I should've left two years ago! It's time I see the world!" Eric said, excitedly.

"Okay, honey...the um...the, plane leaves tomorrow." his mother said, her face reddening.

"Thank you so much! I can't wait!" Eric grinned before hugging her. He ran off into the tall grass south of the small town. It was time to prepare Koza for the journey.

Felicia looked at the mother, who was frowning.

"If anything happens to him..." the mother hissed, coldly, her eyes turning harsh.

"Don't worry. Here's the ticket fee, the Xtransciever fee, and the fee for the house." Felicia sighed, handing over a wad of cash.

"I can't believe you and that nasty professor convinced me into letting my little boy go. It's too late now, Felicia. Just know, if my boy is in ANY danger..." his mother started saying.

"Shut up. We heard this at the lab. It's what he's always wanted." Felicia sighed.

"He's going to another region! WHY DID I LET YOU GUYS TALK ME INTO THIS?!" the mother whined, tears filling her hollow eyes. She spat at the twelve-year-old girl's feet and walked back into her own home.

Felicia gave the finger to the mother's back, before she heard Eric's cry of victory over a wild pokemon. She swiftly put her hands to her sides, and smiled kindly. She had done the boy a favor, and now the two of them would be off in the Tayna region, together. Even Felicia felt sorrow knowing that Eric should've left on his own journey two years ago. But, nope. Now she had to accompany him throughout the entire region. However, as long as Eric didn't know about his mom's disapproval, he was sure to be happy.


“I can’t wait…” the boy mumbled blissfully, his head onFelicia’s shoulder. She sighed, as the airplane was finally arriving in Tayna.The girl looked at Eric and thought of how to wake him up without interruptinghis seemingly wonderful dream.

“N-no…stay away…you said…you lied…” Eric started mumbling,tossing in his seat. Now was the moment. Felicia slapped the boy awake, just asshe had learned from her mother’s Audino.

“GAH! What was that for?!” he shouted, before the pilot’svoice alerted them over the intercom that the plane had landed.

“Let’s go.” Felicia yawned. The two twelve year old kidsleft the plane and entered a small strip of land, known as the developingairport.

“So…what now?” Eric asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Now, we take a boat to Molosott Town.” Felicia answered, asshe walked into the town. The boy observed his surroundings.

“Hey…what’s that?” he asked, noting a huge building with ared roof.

“That’s a Pokemon Center.” Felicia grinned. She beckoned himinside with a warm smile on her face.

“So…I’ve read about this place. It heals Pokemon and letsyou go to the Union Room, right?” Eric asked in awe, staring at the twoperfectly positioned staircases, a small shop, and a nurse in the center of itall with a welcoming face.

“Yeah. Up those stairs also lets you enter the Wi-Fi Club, avirtual room where trainers from all over the world are projected as holograms.You are even hologram-ized, so other trainers can see you. You can talk andinteract and even battle with them. There’s also a GeoNet up the rightstaircase. This lets you register your hometown so others can see.”

“Wow, Felicia. You sure know a lot.” The boy whispered.

“Well, I had the professor helping me. Anyways, see thatcomputer?” Felicia asked tapping herleft foot on the floor, seemingly bored.

“Yeah.” Eric said, wondering if his eyes were wide again.

“That lets you access the Pokemon Storage System! Come on,let’s set you up an account!” Felicia smiled, full of energy, rushing to thenurse. The two exchanged a flurry of words that Eric couldn’t keep up with, andthen Felicia pulled out a blue card from her pocket. The nurse took the cardand walked into a door that Eric had just noticed. It was behind the stationthat pokemon were healed at, probably heading into a back room.

“So, what’s she doing?” Eric asked the girl.

“Oh, just some stuff for you.” Felicia laughed.

“Thanks…for, you know, helping me.” Eric stated, beforeFelicia walked him over to the computer. She pulled a card out of the samepocket, and swiped it in the side of the computer.

“There. Your Trainer Card serves as your permit to use thestorage system.” Felicia sighed, before a touchpad appeared.

“On your trainer card, you’ll see a Trainer ID. Just enterthis to log in.” the girl said, as she tapped the numbers naturally.

“Wow.” Was all that Eric could say.

“Wow indeed. Anyways, the Pokemon Storage system can turnyour pokeballs into numbers and digits, so they can be stored safely. As youare only a trainer, the permit only allows you eight boxes to store pokemon.Each box holds 30 pokeballs. Click the little blue arrow to exit the StorageSystem. Right below it, you can check your mail. Of course, you have nonecurrently. Finally, below that, is the Item Storage, which can store youritems.” Felicia chattered, still tapping her foot.

“That is awesome! All those features, just for being atrainer?!” Eric excitedly declared.

“Yeah, and once you get new permits, you can unlock newfeatures.” Felicia smiled.

“Done!” the nurse sang, emerging from the back room. Feliciatook the blue card and handed it to Eric.

“OUCH! HOT!” he screamed, letting the card drop to thefloor. Felicia laughed, before returning it to him.

“Once you’ve gone through a Magma Mountain, nothing seems toburn you anymore.” Felicia grinned. Eric looked as if he was about to reply,but instead, he swiped his card and entered the ID shown on it.

“Ooh! Free potion!” Eric laughed, noting the Item Storage.

“Yeah, let’s go to the free PokeMart.” Felicia grinned, andthe two walked over.

“Hello, and welcome to—“ the salesman began to say, beforeFelicia held up a finger to silence him.

“Here, you can buy things with PokeDollars. These are won bywinning Pokemon battles, working in beneficial ways to help others, winning anaward, or just selling an item.” Felicia said, before making a purchase of fivepotions and five pokeballs.

“Wow.” Eric said again, before realizing that he didn’t haveany money yet.

“Here, this is to get you started.” The girl said, handingover the items.

“Wait…really?!” Eric gasped.

“Yeah. Now, we’re both at zero Pokedollars.” Felicialaughed.

“Funny. I thought you’d have more money from your previousjourney.” Eric noted out loud.

“Oh, I did. I just spent it all.” Felicia laughed. The twoleft, and headed south.

“How do you know where you’re going?” Eric asked.

“Town Map. I have one for you as well. We’re going to theship docks, to meet Captain Al.” Felicia said, as she handed Eric a map of hisown. When they had reached the docks, they met the captain. He was bald and wrinkled, with a square white-capand black brim. The cap had an anchor upon it, and the brim covered the man’seyes.

“Are you Eric and Felicia?” he wheezed.

“Yes.” Eric said, nervously.

“Climb aboard, then!” the captain said, his voice raspy. Hethen broke into a fit of coughing. The two kids climbed aboard uneasily. Whenthe boat set sail, Eric noticed that the pokeball at his waist was shaking.

“It looks like Koza wants to be let out.” He laughed, beforepressing the button that rendered the pokemon free.

“Char!” it said, happily. Just then, the boat stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Felicia yelled. There was no response.The two kids headed towards the front of the boat to meet the captain, before theboat started up again, throwing them off-balance, and ending in them fallingupon each other.

“We have quite a captain, don’t we?” laughed Eric. Afterwhat seemed like a million hours, the boat stopped.

“Have fun, kids!” the captain wheezed. Eric and Feliciasprinted off of the boat.

“So, this is Molosott Town?” Eric inquired. A tall buildingwith an orange roof was positioned right next to a PokeCenter.

“Yep. That big building is a gym, in case you werewondering. You have to battle gym leaders to obtain gym badges.” Feliciasighed.

“Right, I need to get eight badges, right?” Eric grinned.

“Yes.” Was all that Felicia replied.

“So…this is where we part paths, huh.” Eric sighed.

“Um…no.” was the response.

“What do you mean? We’re on separate journeys, right?” Ericasked, now confused.

“Um…actually, I’m going to be travelling with you.” Feliciasaid, forcing out an obviously fake smile.


“Just in case you run into any trouble.”

“Gosh, you’re sounding like my mom. I can take care ofmyself!”

“You can?”


“Then, prove it to me.”


“While we’re travelling, you figure it out.” Feliciataunted, playfully. Eric paused, before seeing a sign in the middle of the village.Walking up to it, he took a knee to read it:

MOLOSOTT TOWN: The intersection between old ends and newbeginnings.

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?” Eric pondered out loud.

“South of here is Gravesdale, where the Pokemon Cemetary is.It’s blocked off until you have earned access. Gravesdale is very…important tothe people of Tayna, as it helps them remember those who have passed, and thenafter mourning, they come here to appreciate the present. It’s to let go of thepast and enjoy the now and here.” Felicia explained.

“You did your research.” Eric whistled.

“Yes, yes I did.” Felicia laughed.

Without hesitation, Eric ran into the gym, and left Feliciaby the sign.

“Wait—ERIC! You need to train your pokemon!” Feliciascreamed, before pursuing him.

“What do you mean I need to train my pokemon? I trained Kozaat Graysky, remember?” Eric smiled.

“Not enough to take on a gym!” Felicia whined.

“Hello! Welcome to the Molosott Gym! Have a fresh wa-“ arandom man began to speak, before Felicia firmly clipped Eric by the ear and walkedboth of them out of there.

“No. Let’s head to the route east of here and train ourpokemon.” Felicia smiled.

“But…your pokemon are insanely great already!” Eric pointedout, confused.

“No, Eric. I’m starting over. You have Koza to start, I have…”the girl held up a great ball for dramatic emphasis, before pushing the buttonin the middle.

“…WILLOW! She’s a Taillow I found caught under a tree inYokomo Forest on my first journey. After freeing her, I gave her to a trainerso that she could be taken care of. When I decided that you—I mean WE should goon a journey, the professor told me she was out of starter pokemon. Just then,the very same trainer burst into the room, and handed over the Great Ball to mesaying that he had been looking for me for quite some time. He went on toproclaim that Willow had expressed that it missed me and that it wanted tothank me for saving it. The little bird refused to leave the lab, so thetrainer decided to give it back to me as a gift.”

“You sure have long explanations.” Teased Eric. Feliciastuck out her tongue to him and the two entered the tall grass.

“WHOA! IT’S A POKEMON!” Eric screamed in delight, lockingeyes with a Vulpix.

“Um…duh. Enter tall grass, you meet pokemon. Stay out oftall grass, you don’t meet pokemon.” Felicia explained.

“You’re mine!” Eric yelled, throwing a pokeball. In asecond, the Vulpix was inside. “Yes, I’ve caught it!” the boy roared inapproval. Suddenly, the pokeball burst in half and the Vulpix leaped into theair. The Vulpix then stiffened it’s body and let out a cry. In a minute, Kozahad reentered its pokeball.

“Koza, NO! I can’t battle without you!” Eric complained,pressing the center button on his pokeball repeatedly.

“Eric, you have to actually weaken a pokemon before youattempt to catch it!” Felicia exclaimed, the Vulpix scurrying away.

“It got away.” Eric whined.

“Yeah, it used ‘Roar.’ Koza was forced back into hispokeball so it could escape.” Felicia explained, bringing her palm to herforehead.

“Okay, well…next time, I’ll weaken it.” Eric sighed, beforerunning deeper into the tall grass.

“Wait up! We’re travelling partners, remember?!” Felicia criedout after him. But Eric was already gone. Felicia ran after him and saw the boynow staring at a Mudkip.

“Koza, use Scratch!” Eric commanded. His charmanderproceeded to leap into the air, and let claws extend from it’s left paw. TheMudkip stared at the fire-type monster as it brought itself forwards. Kozalanded behind the Mudkip, and let it’s claws run up the water-type’s behind, afew inches from the tail. The Mudkip yelped, and countered by launching a sprayof water from its mouth.

“Koza, you alright?!” Eric asked. The Charmander barely stoodup, while the Mudkip bounced around happily.

“Eric, that pokemon is super-effective on Koza! Learn yourtypes advantages and disadvantages!” Felicia yelled after the new trainer.

“I could use a potion…or…POKEBALL!” Eric excitedly declared,throwing his second pokeball. The Mudkip was sucked inside. The ball beganwiggling, a red light flashing. There was a satisfying click, but Eric made nomove. He just stared at the pokeball, which had stopped wiggling.

“So…was that click good or bad?” The boy asked.

“It means you caught the stupid Mudkip.” Felicia said,rubbing her temples. How did the professor put up with teaching beginners suchas Eric?

“Awesome! I’ll call him…Nuku!” Eric laughed.

“Nuku? What kind of name is that?” Felicia laughed.

“A darn good one!” Eric pouted, straight back at her.

“Fine, then. Train your pokemon, I’ll train Willow. Don’tleave my sights, Eric.” Felicia sighed. And the duo began to train together for the first time.

Chapter Two: HalloweenSpecial: The Day that Felicia Died

“Come on, we’ve trained enough, right?” Eric groaned, as thetwo headed for the tall grass, yet again.

“Molosott’s gym leader is Luntos, a psychic-type user. He’snot going to go easy…” Felicia sighed, before she encountered a wild Zigzagoon.Willow had defeated it quite swiftly.

“Well, you may want your pokemon to become too strong. It’sonly the first gym!” Eric whined.

“You underestimate him. Gym badges aren’t served on aplatter.” Felicia panted, rubbing her throat. Shouting out commands took a lotof energy.

“Fine then, you stay here and train…and I’ll take on thegym!” Eric triumphantly declared, before running off.

“ERIC! We’re together, remember?!” the girl yelled afterhim. But, he was long gone. Felicia sighed before taking off after him.

A man walked up to them, and shoved a fresh water in Eric’sface.

“Are you here to take on the gym leader FOR REAL this time?”he bitterly hissed.

“Yeah, Felicia can’t say…” Eric began, before Felicia burstinto the gym and dropped the N-word:


“Felicia, if I’m wrong, then I’ll lose and learn. If I’mright, then I’ll laugh in your face. Just let me do this!” Eric pleaded.

“Fine.” Felicia said, not really wanting to waste her timewatching Eric lose. The boy took a step forwards…and fell into a hole.

“ERIC!” Felicia whined.

“What?! I thought you could just walk right up to a gymleader!” the boy, in shock, declared.

“No, Eric. Every gym has a puzzle. This one involves holesand teleporters: some teleporters leave you stuck in a hole, some lead to newrooms.” Felicia explained, pinching her nose in humiliation.

“Don’t worry, kid. We’ll get you out of there.” The manlaughed jollily, as he threw down a ladder found hanging on the wall.

“Thanks, random man.” Eric said, before climbing up theladder. At the top, he took a breath, and he stepped forwards, spotting thefirst teleporter.

“Alright, let’s go!” he cheerfully yelped, running straightinto it and vanishing in a flash of light. Felicia thanked the man, thenfollowed.


The psychic-trainers began stepping on teleporters andleaving.

“What did he say?” Eric asked, confused.

“He said there’s a problem with the teleporters.” Feliciasighed, heading towards the teleport they had arrived from. That would leadback to the entrance.

“Oh, okay. Which teleporter did we come in from?” Ericinquired.

“This one.” Felicia sighed, pointing. Suddenly, from thecorner of her eyes, she saw a flash. Eric had taken the teleporter in theupper-left. Felicia banged her head on the wall and then followed.

“Nice head-bang.” Eric commented when she had arrived.

“But…you weren’t even there!” the girl protested.

“Yeah, but this is a psychic-type gym. Maybe some of that isrubbing off on me.” Eric laughed. The boy proceeded to step on the teleporterthat he arrived from.

“Great, it IS one heck of an error.” He laughed.

“You fool! We can be stuck here for days!” Felicia screamed,before frantically messing with the defunct teleporter.


“QUIET! I HATE SMALL SPACES!” The girl screamed, before the teleporterbegan sparking as she violently abused it.

“Felicia, stop!” Eric cried out, rushing forwards to stopher, before a golden light blinded him. Rubbing his eyes, disoriented, Ericfound himself ankle-deep in a gray sand. Alone.

“Eric! Where are you?!” the voice of his female friend,Felicia screamed.

“Felicia! We got teleported somewhere!” Eric realized, outloud. His response was the girliest scream that he had ever heard. “I’mcoming!”

Every way that he looked, gray sand seemed to stretch forthousands of miles. He had no sense of direction, and no clue upon which way togo. Suddenly, he saw a lump in the sand. He reached in with his hand…andsomething grabbed him. In a second, his arm was under the sand, which nowseemed to be bottomless. He was being pulled in, and no matter how much hescreamed, there seemed to be nothing that he could do...

Then, he realized he was being stupid. With his free hand heyanked at his pokeballs and sent out Nuku.

“NUKU! WATER GUN!” Eric squeaked, his shoulder nowcompletely under the gray sand. The Mudkip obeyed and let loose a spray thatwettened the sand. The pulling stopped. Eric yanked his hand up from the wetsand. As Felicia had said: Study your types. Water beats ground. The boy thensent out Koza.

“Okay, you two, we’ve got to find Felicia.” He said, stillshaken from whatever had grabbed him. Both of them expressed delight.

“I thought you’d say that.” The boy grinned, and then he setoff in the opposite direction of the trap, his two pokemon following him.


Eric had completely lost track of time. He was calling outfor Felicia, but there was never an answer.

“This would’ve never happened if you hadn’t let me enterthat gym!” Eric yelled to the sky. Yelling to Felicia. Wherever she was. Whycouldn’t she just have said “no?” Why didn’t she say the N-word? Eric froze inhis tracks, and looked at the sky once more. Felicia had said the n-word.Multiple times. And the boy didn’t listen. The love of his life might be dead and it would all be his fault. Then, heflashbacked:

Felicia banged herhead against the wall, before following the boy.

He had seen her when he wasn’t with her. Was this the powerof love? The power of psychic-ness? Whatever it was, perhaps it could help himcommunicate with her. He sat down in the sand, and crossed his legs attemptingto obtain peace of mind so he could focus. That was when the sand in front ofhim began shifting. A blob of sand arose…and the sand fell, revealing a chubbyform.

“M-m-mom?” Eric whispered, in shock.

“Eric, you should’ve never gone on that journey! I neverwanted you to!” his mother cried.

“But, you approved.” Eric declared. Even though, thatfateful day, he had seen regret in his mother’s eyes.

“I miss you Eric! And now I’ll never see you again!” thefigure wept, before sinking back into the sand, with Eric powerless to doanything but watch, frozen in horror. Suddenly, he remembered that he had tocall his mother everyday…on his Xtransciever! He could get help. Reaching intothe bag that he had recently obtained, he found the device that was meant to beworn on the wrist. Tapping a few buttons on its touch-screen face, he foundthat the device was contact-locked. That didn’t matter. His mother was one ofhis contacts. More tapping. He received a screen of static in return. Eric swore,before standing up. It was broken.

“Well, Koza, Nuku. We’ll get out of this. I promise it…on mylife.” Eric sighed. Of course, his life wouldn’t matter much if he couldn’tkeep his promise. There was no response from his pokemon.

“Koza? Nuku?” Eric turned to the spot his pokemon had beenin a moment before. Both of them were there…just coated full-body in gray sand.Eric screamed, and began scraping the sand off. When he was done, he backed offand looked up.

Koza’s normally healthy, orange skin was now a sickly shadeof gray. Where his eyeballs should’ve been was a hollow, black void thatthreatened to suck you in if you stared too long. Bits of his skin was fallingoff, revealing a bloodied dark pink interior, and yellowed bones. Nuku was inthe same condition.

“WHAT THE ****?!” Eric yelled for the world to hear, beforehe began running. Perhaps if he could find Felicia, she could fix this…she knewa lot, didn’t she? But, where in the world was she? Were his pokemon killed andzombified by the sand? Or was there a cure?

There had to be a—Eric ran straight into a huge lump of graysand. Working his way out, he spat it out of his mouth, and rubbed his eyes.When he looked up, the lump began to shed…and it revealed a small,twelve-year-old girl with her back turned. Eric could hardly recognize thebeautiful blonde hair.

“Felicia!” he joyously cried, running forth and embracingher. Felicia swiftly shoved him away.

“ERIC, RUN!” she screamed, and the boy noticed her ankle waschained to a small, wooden pike stuck firmly in the sand.

“No! I’m not losing you again!” the boy insisted, grabbingthe girl by her shoulders.

“Eric, it’s a trap! Get help! Get out of here!” Feliciacried, shoving him away again. Eric’s back hit something hard.

“What…what’s going on?!” The boy inquired, turning aroundand noticing metal. Pure, silver metal, forming bars around him. The barscurved until they all met at the top.

“We’re in a cage now, Eric. We’re doomed.” Felicia sobbed,burying her head into her knees. Eric’s jaw dropped. Felicia’s head lifted.

“Eric, your eyes are too wide again.”

“Sorry.” The boy said, blinking fiercely. Suddenly, the sandcovering the bottom of the cage began to fall down…into a black hole. “No…no,no, no, no!” The boy protested, slamming his hands against the bars.

“Eric, stop. It’s worthless.” Felicia muttered.

“If I had Koza, I could melt these stupid bars.” Ericmumbled to himself. But, Koza was gone. As was Nuku, and probably Willow aswell.

“Felicia, we’re getting out of this.” The boy breathed,before turning around and noticing a black void where Felicia once sat. Thesand had collapsed from under her. Eric was so focused on trying to escape, hedidn’t notice. But, he wasn’t losing her. Closing his eyes and taking a breath,Eric leapt into the void. This was for his future wife…

“Felicia…Felicia, I’m here…” the boy croaked as he regainedconsciousness. He tried to move, but every muscle in his body ached andthrobbed. The fall and landing had been rough.

“Eric…” a weak, female voice whispered. Wherever the boywas, it was pitch black. He couldn’t see a thing.

“Felicia, I’m coming.” He said, trying to move towards thevoice. No success. A metallic taste filled his mouth. He opened his mouth tospeak again, and some liquid poured out. What was that? A blinding light filledthe room, revealing that he and Felicia were just in a small hole. But, therewas a third figure, standing above Felicia.

“You know, Eric…I can offer you a deal.” The figure hissed,bending over the girl’s body. Her breathing was unnaturally slow.

“Who are you?” the boy whispered, oblivious to the fact thatthe figure had used his name. No, he was in too much shock for trivial thingslike that.

“I can send you home, Eric. Back to Graysky…under onecondition. The girl stays with me.” The figure cackled.

“What if I refuse?” Eric spoke again, now finding his jawfeeling sore.

“Then both of you can join your pokemon as my loyalservants.” The figure laughed. It had shocking, spiky blue hair, and waswearing an orange long-sleeved tee shirt that matched his orange sweatpants,making all his clothes look like one piece. He snapped, and a new corridor opened to theroom. A zombie Taillow, Charmander, and Mudkip emerged.

“So, either way…Felicia turns into one of those?” Ericgasped, now finding it hard to get air. Felicia had stopped breathing.

“No, no. If you accept, then she stays with me…but I promisethat I won’t hurt her.” The man laughed, as if it was the funniest thing in theworld.

“But…” Eric said again, the world spinning around him now.

“You have 10 seconds to decide.” The figure cackled. Ericspent 10 seconds gasping for breath, and trying to stay awake.

“Okay, new proposal. Same options, but this time, you’llreawaken in Molosott Town.” The man laughed. Eric realized he was blacking out…he swiftlyperformed one simple motion that caused tears of agony to stream down his face:he nodded. “Which option is that a yestoo? The Molosott one or the zombie one?” the figure laughed. Eric had lostvision. He could only hear the man’s voice, and it sounded distant. The boycroaked out one word, the metallic taste filling his mouth stronger than everupon it’s utterance:


That way, Felicia wouldn’t be a zombie. And he could gethelp.

“Deal!” the voice cackled. Then everything was black.

“Felicia…” Eric moaned, as his sore eyes opened. He lookedup to find himself staring in the same face of the figure that had tormentedhim. It was full of concern. “Am I in…Molosott?” the boy croaked, as he sat up,noticing that he was on a yellow platform.

“Yeah, you’re in my gym…my rescue team caught you alonetrapped in one of the rooms. Are you okay?” the man asked, sounding genuine.

“Shut up! You have her!” Eric cried out, in hostility. Hestood up, trembling from the efforts, causing the man to back off a little bit.

“Calm down, boy. Who do I have? There was a broken teleportin the room. Did someone go through it?” the man said, completely sounding asif he had no idea what Eric was talking about.

“Where is she?” Eric asked, finding his bodily strength hadreturned. It was as if no damage had befallen him in the first place.

“Who is she? Please, describe her for me.” The man saidcalmly, reaching for a pokeball at his waist.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” Eric screamed, adrenaline pumping throughhis body. He rushed forwards, to which the man simply evaded, watching Ericnearly fall off of the platform.

“My name is Luntos, I’m the gym leader here. I have no ideawhat you are talking about.” He sighed, before snapping. A Zoruark leapt downfrom somewhere above. Eric didn’t really know.

“Before I became a Psychic-type trainer, I was a Dark-type trainer.When I was given the position of gym leader, I had to stop training my dark types.This Zoruark has been nasty ever since…it’s been tormenting trainers every chanceit gets. The teleport glitch was the perfect time for it to use an illusion onyou…and maybe, steal your friend away.” Luntos sighed, staring that the Zoroark.

“Then, tell your pokemon to give her back, idiot.” Ericangrily growled.

“I shall punish him…but not until your friend comes back.Otherwise, who knows what Zoroark might do to her? My pokemon will only respectthose who beat me, and by Poke-League rules, if we battle, I have to go all-outusing my psychic types.” Luntos explained.

Suddenly, it all made sense. That’s how Eric could seeFelicia banging her head on the wall, an event he wasn’t there for. That’s whyshe freaked out in the small space, because it wasn’t her. Or was it? How longhad Eric been in the illusion?

“How was the teleport damaged?” Eric asked. If it was byFelicia, then the illusion started during the flash that rendered the teleportuseless. If so, the flash didn’t teleport anyone. If it was the Zoroark, thenhe was in the illusion BEFORE the teleport was damaged.

“We don’t know. It looks like a pokemon did it. After all, ahuman can’t damage those things too much. Try it.” Luntos said. So…Felicia WASN’Ttruly claustrophobic.

“I’ll beat you, monster. And then I’ll be reunited withFelicia.” Eric growled, before walking away. The Zoroark had been in apsychic-type environment, so it had probably learned a few new tricks…such ashijacking a mind and finding information. Like what pokemon a person has onthem. Or about their mother. Or the Xtransciever and the contents of the bag. Ericleft the gym with a sour feeling, while Luntos accepted the boy’s reaction.Whatever that illusion was, it must’ve been traumatic. But, the leader knewthat he was no monster. No, the true monster was his own pokemon. After thiswas over, he was going to punish the Zoroark more than any pokemon should bepunished. A punishment that twelve-year-olds don’t deserve to hear about. Heresumed his place on the platform and waited for challenging trainers…

Chapter Three: THEMEOWTH

“ProfessorJeremy Harlin. Are you ready?” the voice asked, it’s raspy tone unsettling theprofessor who was currently tied to a cold, stone wall. The room was nearpitch-black, but the shape of his captor was present: feminine, large, andintimidating.

“Just let me go, ma’am,” the captive gasped, strugglingagainst the tight leather straps. “I swear, you’ll pay for this,” he grunted.

“Now, now, Jeremy. Can’t have you resisting. That’ll justmake this unpleasant for the both of us. I am going to attempt fusing somethingto you…to make you stronger.” The female giggled, innocently.

“Why me?” the professor gasped, closing his eyes tightly andreopening them as if to check whether or not he was dreaming.

“Well, Jeremy. You’re the only talking pokemon I know. Howelse am I to know your experiences with your new limb? Plus, you’re a professorthat can give me vivid details and return to the community scientific writingson how the fusion goes! And, everyone knows professors just want the best forscience.” The female said, speaking quickly. The Meowth sharpened his claws, wishingthat he could just free himself. Why wouldn’t some pokemon-rights activist comebursting in?! A dim light came on, revealing the female for who she was: ablonde, slender figure with a blue device protruding from her blue temple andwrapping around the back of her head. An Elgyem floated by her side.

“Caroline…” the Meowth spat out, realizing who he wascaptured by.

“COR-Oline,” the woman corrected, before picking up achainsaw. It’s blade was sharp, and it’s handle was a vivid red as if it hadnever been used before. The silver gleam of the blade shined itself in theMeowth’s eyes, causing him to squint.

“That doesn’t seem like the most civilized way to amputate,Ms. CAR-Oline.” Jeremy protested, his breathing suddenly quickening. Thiscouldn’t be the end…no, he had to escape. He had to escape before the womancould take a limb away!

“Oh, be patient, my experiment. This weapon will soon be anextension of you, after it takes away the inferior version that nature hadcreated.” Coraline laughed, revving up the device, and bringing it down on theMeowth’s arm. A spray of blood, a cry of agony, and maniacal laughter filledthe dark room, and the light flickered off.


“How long have been training?”Eric wondered aloud, noting his Charmander and Mudkip. There wasn’t a singletrainer in Molosott that he had not defeated, and he had seen just about everypokemon in the tall grass. He even encountered a version of Nuku that waspink…Eric concluded it must’ve been the female version, which probably wasn’trare at all. Now, the boy stood outside of the gym where Luntos and Zoroarkawaited.

“Luntos…here I come.” Thetwelve-year-old growled, before stepping into the gym.

“Hello! Welcome to the MolosottGy—you again.” The guide sighed.

“Yes. This time, I’m actuallytaking him on!” the boy exclaimed for all the trainers in the gym to hear. Hestepped upon the first teleporter. Nothing happened.

“Oh yes, the teleporters are stilla bit glitchy from the other day. I suggest you come back later.” The guidesaid, popping his head up.

“No. This is for Felicia…” Ericsaid, before stepping off and back onto the teleporter. There was a flash ofgolden light. When it cleared, the boy found himself facing Luntos.

“Wow…you got here fast.” The gymleader whistled.

“Actually…it was a teleporterglitch.” The boy pointed out, before reaching for his pokeballs.

“Very well, then it is time webegin.” Luntos grinned, reaching for his own pokeballs. Suddenly, a dark shapedescended from above and landed in front of Eric.

“Zoroark!” the boy and leaderexclaimed. The creature grabbed the boy, and darted into the air.

“COME BACK HERE!” Luntos howled.The boy’s Xtransciever dropped, and landed in front of the leader.

The Zoroark, Eric under its arm,had bounded to the front of the gym and swatted aside the guide. It exited themassive building and ran towards the trees…before lunging into a narrow paththat Eric had never noticed. The pokemon and the boy emerged into a smallclearing, where seemingly nothing awaited. The Zoroark threw the boy againstthe back wall, where he collided into the wooden bodies of trees, so closetogether that they felt like the wall of a house. The Zoroark growled, and ranout of the passage. The boy noticed a note:


At the bottom was a lock of blondehair that Eric recognized. Felicia’s hair. The boy struggled to stand, andwalked out of the narrow path. A warning to keep him away from the gym. He knewthe most logical course of action would be to get stronger and take on theZoroark. But, he was too blinded by his longing to see Felicia again. So, as ifthe entire event had never happened, hewalked straight back into the gym, seeing the guide.

“Are you okay?! Where’s theZoroark?” the guide asked in concern.

“He’s…” Eric began, before his ownvoice came from the other end of the gym.

“I’m ready to stop you, monster!”

“THERE!” Eric cried out, leapinginto the teleporter. There was a flash of golden light.

Luntos watched a flash of goldenlight envelop the challenger. When it cleared, there were two Erics.

“WHAT THE--?!” the gym leadercried out, backing up.

“He’s Zoroark!” each Eric said,pointing to each other.

“Um…both of you turn around!Whichever one is Zoroark will have a tail.” Luntos gasped, and the two boysturned around. Both had tails. Luntos realized that Zoroark was using anillusion.

“See? I don’t have a tail!” bothboys protested. Luntos pressed his temples and tried to read each boy’sthoughts to tell them apart…the illusion was too strong. His psychic abilityhad been suppressed.

“Okay…one of you, send out a pokemon.”

Both boys sent out Charmander. Ofcourse, the illusion again.

“Zoroark, why are you doing this?”Luntos gasped.

Both boys merged and formed aZoroark. The gyms walls seemed to close in.

“Because…you fight a traineronce…and only once! By League Rules, unless in tournament, a gym leader canonly give one badge to each trainer!” the Zoroark protested. Luntos realizedthat the Zoroark would prevent the match between him and Eric…everyone wouldhave seen Eric and Luntos fight, and the badge being given. If Eric came backand demanded another badge, then he couldn’t get it as everyone would reporthim to the League, hence firing him.

“Zoroark! I beg you, stop thismadness!” the gym leader begged, falling to his knees.

“Then, come back to the shadows…youbelong with us.” The pokemon cackled. The gym faded into darkness, and the roomshifted into a forest. A little girl lay in the middle.

“You’ve never gone this far!”Luntos gasped.

“I’m tired of it! I’m ending itnow! And if you don’t agree…” the Zoroark laughed, before the girl swiftlymelted.

“Please! Release her!” he choked.

“No.” was the blunt response.

Eric watched as Zoroark and Luntosstared at each other, drool running down the gym leader’s chin. He walked up,swiped the badge from the leader’s pocket, and walked away. Stepping on ateleporter, he emerged at the front of the gym and walked out. Both were socaught up in the illusion, neither of them had noticed.

“Next step is to find Felicia.”Eric noted. He started checking for more narrow entrances between the treeslike the Zoroark had shown him. His brief kidnapping was meant as a warning…itserved as a hint for the future. The boy then realized his Xtransciever wasmissing. He ran back into the gym, stepped on the still broken first teleport,and came out looking at the same scene that he had just left.

“GET HER OUT OF RONRON TOWER!”Luntos shouted as Eric picked up his Xtransciever. It was at the leaders feet.

“Ronron tower?” the boy askedquietly, before checking his town map. It was north of Molosott…exactly wherehe needed to go. There was also another gym in Ronron Town. Eric left the gymand began working his way through the tall grass, knowing his objective.Suddenly, a wild Zigzagoon appeared.

“GO! KOZA!” the boy screamed,sending out his Charmander against the tan, striped creature. Both of themgrowled at each other. The wild Zigzagoon ran forward and tackled Koza. Theorange pokemon, swiftly brought both its claws upon the Zigzagoon’s back andbrought them down, creating a strong scratch attack. The Zigzagoon cried out inpain and leapt backwards.

“Good job! Follow up with LeechSeed!” Eric declared in his excitement. The Charmander froze in its footstepsand looked back at its trainer with a questioning face.

“I mean…Ember.” The boy blushed,realizing that Koza couldn’t use Leech Seed. By then however, the Zigzagoon hadlet out a terrifying growl. Koza seemed less willing to attack the creature. Itsucked in its gut and formed a small flame at its fingertips. The orange pokemonrushed forwards and brought the flame upon the Zigzagoon, leaving a burn. TheZigzagoon growled again, before wincing due to the harsh nature of the burn.

“Ember, again!”

The Charmander rushed forwards,formed the flame again, before the Zigzagoon charged in to tackle it. Kozadodged to the side and brought it’s still flame-covered hand into theZigzagoon’s exposed left side while the striped pokemon was still in the air.The Zigzagoon fell over and twitched, not attempting a move. Eric knew the pokemonhad fainted, and he moved on. Yes, he would save Felicia. And then, perhapsthings could be normal again.


“Ca…Ca…,” the Meowth sputtered,it’s head whirling.

“Ssh, I’m right here, Jeremy.” Thelady whispered gently. The Meowth sat up and attempted to rub its eyes…but hisright hand just gave off a feeling of coldness. Jeremy yelped in surprise andstared at where his arm used to be…his fur gently faded into a gradient thatled to a bright, vivid red. The red was then connected to a cold, steel bladethat taunted the pokemon just by existing.

“Wh-what have you done to me?!”The Meowth cried out.

“This is only the first stepJeremy….and face it, the outside world won’t accept you now. No, we’re stucktogether now, dear professor. And together, we will take this journey on howyour beneficial modification feels and reacts. Think about it, Jeremy: Anentire world where pokemon are artificially enhanced! Imagine the possibilities!”the girl rambled on, excitedly.

The clean blade had now beenstained with blood, and the Meowth had escaped the underground lab. He foundhimself emerging behind a tower. He circled around and found a sign: Ronrontower. He had just hurt someone! The once guilt-free professor wanted to justget away…to get rid of its artificial change. But, what if it was permanent?What if there wasn’t an Undo button? The Meowth ran into the tower, and quicklyfound a hiding place: A small trapdoor beneath a staircase. The pokemon dovein, and found a little girl. Jeremy yelped in surprise, but the girl showed noreaction. The Meowth walked up and poked the body with its good hand. Shebreathed softly, and comfortingly. The pokemon took a seat beside her andsighed.

“What are you doing here?” hecroaked to the girl, in curiosity. She did not answer. The pokemon curled upnext to her, and let its eyes droop. Perhaps when he woke up, his limb would benormal again. Perhaps all of it was just some terrible nightmare. He truly andsincerely hoped it was.


“Ronron Town. A grassy climatefull of hope and energy.” Eric sighed as he read the sign. This was a townwhere grass-types could be found, then. He located the nearest pokemon centerand walked in, healing his two pokemon. After that, he viewed his badge. Had hetruly earned this? No. But the gym leader hadn’t earned a battle in the firstplace. The boy hoped he’d never have to meet Luntos or Zoroark ever again. Hechecked his Xtransciever and noticed a new contact had been registered:LUNTOS. Eric could see his reflection inthe dim screen, and he noticed his wide eyes. Scolding himself for that, helooked for a way to delete the contact. There was none. Whatever. The boy justwouldn’t call him. Suddenly, the device began to vibrate. A call incoming fromLuntos. Eric sighed, then realized he could just not answer. He shoved hisXtransciever back into his pocket and walked on. A few minutes, later it beganringing again.

“No, Luntos.” Eric sighed as hespotted the tower. He walked towards it, not knowing that he had just blown offan extremely worried chubby woman. She also happened to be his mother.
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