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@Everyone: Now if logic was based on the anime, which it is not, every pokemon would be able to learn every move of it's type as well as every normal move. We would only need about 5 levels (Legendary of the day, lesser legendary of the day, boss trainer, regular trainer, joke trainer), and the omnipresence of deus ex machinas such as type advantages ceasing to matter mid-battle because "DEY JUS' SO STRONG" and physics itself changing via rule-of-drama would make the levels irrelevant anyway.

"Wait, I thought attacks were supposed to explode violently when they hit eachother for no apparent reason? When did they stop doing that? Just now? You're telling me physics literally /changed/ on a dime just now so that I would lose."

The anime also can't get it's story straight on how strong pokemon are. Half the time people are getting hit by attacks that have the raw energy to make dynamite look like a joke and shrugging it off and the other half of the time pokemon are treated like they are immune to pretty much /everything/ and can ravage the world given enough time. (I'm looking at you, legendary of the day. Your godmodding does not impress. You too Pikachu. How have you not sent someone to the /hospital/ yet? A wild Vileplume somewhere in kanto does your job better.) Don't even get me started on how a child can explore 5 countries in under a year's time while vigorously training, picking fights with others, fighting off a business syndicate whose main income is fraud (...), and taking on a league full of expert trainers.

Oh, and Beedrill would become top tier and ravage the entire island with their incredible power. Cue MacKenzie shedding a single tear
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