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Originally Posted by Carter View Post
Ivanovic's red card was justified. Being the last man, he was itching for a red card. But, ultimately, Young made the most out of it and forced the referee's hand. Now, for the second card, Evans was clearly looking to tackle Torres and there was - albeit minimal - contact. How Torres was adjudged to have dived when Evans was clearly going his leg is beyond me. Not to mention Javier's offside goal. These kind of decisions need to be considered thoroughly, even if they take a few minutes. It was a weak and questionable display from the referees. This happened TWICE this season now for United: against Liverpool (who by the way were robbed of a perfectly legitimate goal in the dying minutes) and today.

I feel for the Chelsea fans. They didn't deserve to lose. They displayed more will even with 9 men. Nobody, except unreasonable United fans maybe, will truly acknowledge this win as a deserved one.
Anyone neutral who can possibly sum up things with objectivity like this gets my respect.
What club do you support?

Chelsea vs United again, tonight at the Bridge.
Us knocking out United from the Capital One Cup might as well be worth the PL loss.
Still a tragedy to any supporter, unfortunately.
Everybody Dies.