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TOO MUCH INFORMATION TO POST FOR EVERYTHING. :( So I'll just post what episode 5 to 8 are, which cast members are returning and songs. okay.

4x05 - The Role You Were Born to Play

- Mercedes, Mike and Finn are the alumni present in this episode, maybe Rachel.
- TGP winner Blake Jenner makes his first appearance in this episode.
- Grease auditions take place.
- Marley and Kitty go for Sandy
- Ryder [Blake] and Jake go for Danny, Kitty and Jake audition together and sing Everybody Talks. Ryder auditions for the musical by accident. He sings Juke Box Hero with Finn.
- Sam is Kenickie
- Unique will audition for Rizzo, she auditions with Marley and both sing Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
- Mike and Mercedes join in the performance of 'Born To Hand Jive', with Marley, Ryder, Jake and Mercedes singing lead. Kitty and Ryder do an amazing double cartwheel it's so good omg.
- Blaine auditions for the role of 'Teen Angel', his audition is 'Hopelessly Devoted To You'.
- Sugar gets the role of Frenchie.
- Tina refuses to audition, the reason is Mike; she ends up with the role of Jan.

So in conclusion for the songs.
Hopelessly Devoted To You from Grease. Sung by Blaine
Juke Box Hero by Foreigner. Sung by Ryder and Finn
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by P!nk. Sung by Unique and Marley
Born to Hand Jive from Grease. Sung by Mercedes, Marley, Jake and Ryder.
Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. Sung by Kitty and Jake.

4x06 - Glease

- Santana will be back in this episode. Mike, Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt are also back.
- Kurt will meet Cassandra, all 3 have a scene.
- Something has happened between Brody and Cassandra
- Unique's parents object against her being Rizzo, instead Santana takes the role.
- For some reason Kitty sings Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee, not Santana.
- Cassandra sings 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do', along with Santana and Unique.
- Sam and Ryder sing Greased Lightning
- There is a fantasy scene with the old New Directions, they, in the fantasy scene, sing You're The One That I Want, the current New Directions sings it in reality.
- Rachel is preparing for an audition for Broadway; The Glass Menagerie

Songs; (All from Grease!)

You're The One That I Want. Sung by Marley, Ryder, Santana, Rachel, Finn, Mercedes and Mike.
Beauty School Dropout. Sung by Blaine
Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee. Sung by Kitty with Unique, Brittany, Tina and Sugar.
Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise). Sung by Marley.
There Are Worse Things I Could Do. Sung by Cassandra, Santana and Unique.
Greased Lightning. Sung by Sam and Ryder with Joe, Mike and Jake.

4x07 - Dynamic Duets

- The Warblers are back, and with a new lead.
- Hunter will be played by Nolan Gerard Funk. A straight Warbler who sets his sight on getting Blaine back in the Warblers.
- Blaine goes to see the Warblers (Sebastian is there as well!), he sings Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson (HAHAHAA KILL ME)
- Hunter steals ND's Nationals trophy, prompting Sam and Blaine to team up and get it back, they sing Heroes.
- We learn that Marley is bulimic and suffers from anorexia, New Directions help her.
- Kitty and Marley are now friends, Kitty buys Marley a new wardrobe.
- Kitty joins New Directions and her and Marley sing 'Holding Out For a Hero' which ends up with the two in the choir room whipping New Directions.
- Puck is back in this episode, his pool cleaning isn't going well and to get extra money is dressing up as a superhero.
- New Directions will sing Some Nights by fun.

Holding Out For a Hero by Bonnie Tyler. Sung by Marley and Kitty
Heroes by David Bowie. Sung by Blaine and Sam
Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson. Sung by Blaine with The Warblers.
Superman by REM. Sung by Jake and Ryder.
Some Nights by fun. Sung by Tina, Sam, Marley, Kitty, Ryder, Jake, Joe and Blaine with New Directions

4x08 - TBA

- This is Sectionals!
- Quinn is back at McKinley, along with Puck, thus making everyone but Kurt and Rachel back.
- Quinn, Puck, Santana, Finn, Mercedes and Mike have a scene at BreadstiX.
- Quinn and Santana will have a lot of interaction
- Quinn will have a new boyfriend, a Yale teacher.
- Santana won't like her new boyfriend (we don't see him)
- The new kids get mentored by the alumni.
- Santana and Marley
- Mercedes and Unique
- Quinn and Kitty
- Finn and Ryder
- Puck and Jake, the two will have more interaction about being brothers.
- Quinn, Santana and Brittany have scenes and A SONG. That song being Come See About Me by The Supremes.
- Kurt and Rachel throw a Thanksgiving party at their apartment, they invite Kurt's Vogue colleagues, including Isabelle.
- The trio sing a mash-up of Lets Have A Kiki by the Scissor Sisters and Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises, Promises.
- It is speculated that Mike, Mercedes, Santana and Puck are leaving in this episode. The 4, along with Quinn and Finn sing Home / Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel/Phillip Phillips.
- New Directions with sing and dance to Gangnam Style for Sectionals.
- Marley and Blaine will sing Skyfall by Adele.
- The Warblers sing both Live While We're Young and Whistle.

Live While We're Young by One Direction. Sung by Sebastian and Hunter with The Warblers
Whistle by Florida. Sung by Hunter with The Warblers
Home / Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel/Phillip Phillips. Sung by Quinn, Finn, Puck, Mercedes, Mike and Santana
Lets Have a Kiki / Turkey Lurkey Time by/from Scissor Sisters/Promises, Promises. Sung by Kurt, Rachel and Isabelle.
Come See About Me by The Supremes. Sung by Quinn, Santana and Brittany
*Gangnam Style by PSY. Sung by Tina with Kitty, Ryder and New Directions.
Skyfall by Adele. Sung by Blaine and Marley with New Directions

* = Tina will lead the song as Jenna is the only person able to sing/speak Korean. It sounds amazing so far! (There's a preview on Youtube)

4x09 - TBA

Not much is known
- Sam and Brittany will be dating, it won't be a proper relationship, more of a rebound.
- They duet on 'Something Stupid'.
- Tina and Blaine join the Cheerios.

Songs (so far)

Somethin' Stupid by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra. Sung by Sam and Brittany

4x10 - TBA [Christmas Episode!]
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