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The Competitive Frenemies:

For those who like Rivals... For everyone. Welcome to The Competitive Frenemies, the Rival Fan-Club. Join this Fan-Club if you like rivals!


1. Abide by all PC Rules.
2. Don't argue.
3. Try to be active as possible, and have your say on as many Topics as possible!
4. Choose one Fully-Evolved Pokemon and one Un-Evolved Pokemon upon joining. Also choose a rival upon joining.
5. One Pokemon you choose has to be owned by a rival you chose.
6. No spamming, trolling or inappropriate posts.
7. Put Rival stories in Spoilers.
8. Introduce New Topics only after the old one has been at least 3 days old.
9. Enjoy the club!

The Sign-Up Form:

Your Username:
Your Rival:
Partner Pokemon:
Why do you like Rivals?:

Answer the Current Topic. The new Topic right now is...

What is your favourite Pokémon of each rival?


Hover over the Rival Pictures to see their identity/nickname. Their Current Pokemon are shown are under them.

To know whose Pokemon is whose, check this section.

Pokemon (National Pokedex - 144):

This all the Pokemon that rivals had ever used. These are all the Pokemon ever available.

If you are a going to be a New Member, please check out the "Rivals" section instead to get an idea on whose Pokemon is whose. Then check this section to you choose your two Partner Pokemon (In which one's kind must be owned by the Rival you chose and the other can be from any rival, but has to be un-evolved).

If you were permitted to get a new Pokemon, please check this section for the Pokemon you want. However it would be, most of the time, you could only get an Un-Evolved Pokemon.

List of Members:

Hover over the names to see how many points they have! Also hover over the Sprites to see the Rival's/Pokemon's Identity!

Umbr30n (Owner)
Olli97 (Member)
Za_Destroyer (Member)
Wateria (Member)
Aryan143 (Member)
Hikari10 (Member)
Madic0 (Member)

Levels List:

There are two kinds of levels.

Normal Levels:
Member: Given when someone joins.
Super Fan: Given to Members when they reach 75 points.
Mega Member: Given to Super Fans when they reach 300 points.
Ultimate Member: Given to Mega Members when they reach 1000 points.
Ultra Fan: Given to Ultimate Members when they reach 3000 points.
Veteran: Given to Mega Fans when they reach 8000 points.

Supporter Levels:
Supporter: Given to people when I deem them worthy.
Super Supporter: Given to Supporters once they earn 200 points since they became Supporter.
Ultimate Supporter: Given to Super Supporters once they earn 700 points since they became Super Supporter, and have made 10 detailed posts in total.
Master Supporter: Given to Ultimate Supporters once they earn 2000 points since they became Ultimate Supporters, and have made 25 detailed posts in total.
Contributor Master: Given to Master Supporters once they earn 5000 points since they became Master Supporters, and made 50 constructive posts.

Point Table:

Posting: 1 point.
Joining: 5 points.
New Topics: 5-10 points.
Userbars: 5-20 points.
Detail in Posts: 5-20 points.
Banners: 10-40 points.
"Rival Fan Club" link in your signature: 40 points per week.
Contribution to Events: 40 points.
Competition winning: ??? + An Emblem.


40 points: Receive another Un-Evolved Pokemon whose kind is owned by your rival.
90 points: Receive a random item.
160 points: Evolve one of your Pokemon.
240 points: Receive the Earth Badge.
330 points: Colour around your name.
430 points: Receive a good random item.
550 points: Contact another rival to expand your variety of Pokemon Allowed.
680 points: Receive an Un-Evolved Starter Pokemon.
830 points: Evolve one of your Pokemon.
1000 points: Glow around your name (Cannot go with Colour around your name).
1195 points: Receive a good random item.
1455 points: Duo-Volutionize one Pokemon (Evolves one Pokemon twice - Gives you the required RFC Currency Amount if you are unable to Duo-Volutionize one Pokemon).
1720 points: Evolve one of your Pokemon once (Gives you the required RFC Currency Amount if you are unable to evolve one Pokemon).
2000 points: Shiny one of your Pokemon (Gives you the required RFC Currency Amount if you are unable to Shiny one Pokemon).

RFC Shop:

Here, you can buy items to improve your Pokemon. What you use is RFCC (Rival Fan Club Currency) to buy some things that can evolve, shiny, or obtain Pokemon and much more. Earning RFCC is much harder than earning Points, plus you don't just earn them from normal things like posting your Topics. However, you earn them by things such as being a great example to others, winning a very active competition, having a great Activity Level at the Club and much more.

More items will be introduced in time!

Normal Items:

Poke Ball (30% chance to catch Pokemon - Costs 30RFCC)
Xvolutionizer (Evolves most kinds of Pokemon - Costs 50RFCC)
Devolvizer (Devolves a Pokemon to it's last stage - Costs 10RFCC)
Everstone (Stops a Pokemon Evolving or Devolving - Costs 10RFCC)
Soothe Bell (Increases a Pokemon's happiness - Costs 30RFCC)
Razer Claw (Evolves a Pokemon when paired Rare Candy - Costs 40 RFCC)
Rare Candy (Has a 40% chance of evolving a Pokemon - Costs 20 RFCC)

Better Items:

Duo-Volutionizer (Evolves a Pokemon twice - Costs 90 RFCC)
Mystery Ball (90% chance to catch any Pokemon - Costs 90RFCC)
Shiny 1t (Makes a Pokemon Shiny - Costs 120RFCC)
Fire Stone (Evolves some kinds of Pokemon - Costs 60RFCC)
Thunder Stone (Evolves some kinds of Pokemon - Costs 60RFCC)
Water Stone (Evolves some kinds of Pokemon - Costs 60RFCC)
Moon Stone (Evolves some kinds of Pokemon - Costs 60RFCC)
Leaf Stone (Evolves some kinds of Pokemon - Costs 60RFCC)
Link Cable (Evolves some kinds of Pokemon - Costs 60RFCC)

Questions And Answers:

Any questions? PM or VM me and I will type all the answers down here! There are a few default ones to clarify some parts that may be confusing.

Q: Why are some Pokemon in Evolutionary Lines absent?
A: They aren't used by Rivals, and therefore cannot be displayed.

Q: Is it possible to evolve Ralts into Gardevoir using a Normal Evolution Method?
A: No, the only way to evolve Ralts into Gardevoir is Duo-Volutionizing. They cost 90 RFC at the Rival Fan Club shop and need 1455 points to get in Awards.

Q: What does it mean by "Good Random Item" in the Awards Section?
A: It basically gets you a better Item. Instead of say, having a Poke Ball, you might get something like the Duo-Volutionizer instead (But there are much more, don't just expect that).


1: The Big Quiz (25th-31st November): A quiz with many questions about Rivals and their Pokemon.

2: Quiz Tournament (25th-??? ????): A quiz tournament where people get eliminated over time.

Current Topics:

Used: Why did you choose your Pokemon, and why did you choose your Rival?
Used: Which Rival's story do you like the best and why?
New: Out of all the true Rivals, who needs improvements and why?

New: What is your favourite Pokémon of each rival?