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The new Mass Giveaway for November is now available! Get your Hallow's Eve Misdreavus now!

Quote originally posted by Creame:
Great, thanks! What would you like for it though?
Nothing. Breeding requests are free unless they are male with egg moves or famale with a hidden ability.
Quote originally posted by someduderic:
Pokemon: Kabuto
Nickname: Kelly
Gender: F
Nature: Jolly
Ability:Weak Armor
Egg Move: Rapid Spin
No problem! #4 in the Queue!
Quote originally posted by Lunicli:
Necrum, in regards to this:

I can donate the rest of mine which you don't have (Relaxed and others), just to net some extra tickets.

And for you to breed later plz:
Pokemon: Horsea
Nickname: Salo (M) Seanna (F)
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Swift Swim
Egg Moves: Outrage
Best IVs: Atk, Spd
EV Training: None
Pokerus: Yes

I'm available now - PM me
Sure thing. I can give you two more tickets before you hit the maximum.
#5 in the Queue.

Queue is now full! No more breeding requests until I finish one!

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