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Your Username: Aryan143
Your Rival: Blue
Partner Pokemon: Charizard and Pidgey
Why do you like Rivals?: They are our rivals. They own pokemon powerful to us. They pose a great challenge to us.

Answering the topic:

As for the pokemon, when I choosed Bulbasuar in Leafgreen, my rival had a great Charizard and an annoying Pidgeot. It took me atleast 5 tries on the last 2 rival battles to beat him because of Pidgeot and Charizard. Then I came to know the usefulness of those two. Although Pidgeot was much weaker than Charizard, it was a great addition to my team.

As for Blue, It gives you a lot of variety of Pokemon to choose and his levels are much higher than the rivals in the other games before Elite-4. He is a champion too. He is also a great Gym Leader. He is the only Rival to be Champion or Gym Leader except Cheren. At last, I want to say that Blue is the best Rival.

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