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Atlus Midgard

It had taken a while longer then expected for the Patrat to pop up, but two more climbed up from the hole. They where in for a rude awakening though. "Calamari, now!!!"Calamari shot the Aurora Beam at one of the exiting Patrat. Nevermore, on the other-hand, just woke back up from the Roost. The Patrat that was hit by the Aurora beam was frozen, leaving only the other one in fighting condition. The Patrat attacked using bite, but was cut off quickly after Atlus said, "Calamari, Mud Shot. Never, use Suckerpunch." Nevermore struck out quickly before the Patrat had a chance to attack, and Calamari somehow struck out faster than the last time, though the attack seemed some what weaker. The simultaneous attacks quickly knocked it out, and with the other one still frozen, it only took two Psybeams to finish it. Atlus decided to retreat for the time being, since it looked like both his Pokemon were tiring. Halfway to the Poke-center, Calamari broke from his Pokeball, and started to glow brightly, like when Munch evolved. And much like Munch's evolution, he completely changed shape. Calamari now looked much as an octopus would, as he evolved into an Octillery!!! Atlus stood silent for a moment, since it didn't really register. Eventually, still shocked, Atlus said, "Whoa, so...guess you have legs now. Want to walk to the Center?" Calamari lifted itself up a few times, as if to imitate jumping, though it was probably hard due to being stuck to the ground with suction cups. After a little practice, Calamari did start to keep up with Atlus, though in the end, he got tired and went back into his Pokeball. Atlus then stood in line, waiting for his turn.
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