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i.e. Stuff in Pokemon games that don't make sense, or apparently make sense in the Pokemon world. You know what I'm talking about, right? There are a lot of these little things in the Pokemon World that make little to no sense when applied to real life.

Do these things bother you in any way?

Care to list some of them that you either encountered recently or are stuck in the back of your head, like they do for me?

I'll start off with a couple:

-Cynthia's House must be made some of the finest materials on the planet. Tidal Waves and Earthquakes? PSHHHHHHHHH. Her house is spotless and nothing has moved an inch after the battle.
-Earthquake in the Battle Subway. No explanation needed.
-Every trainer in this game has to have tunnel vision.
-When you use Earthquake to kill a Digger... How does the trainer withdraw the pokemon from under the ground? Good God.
-No Guard Machamp just Low Kicked a flying bird. NO.
-Where's my Bicycle? Oh, my bad, it was in THAT pocket...
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