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You are unable to pass even the smallest of bushes, and you can only get rid of certain ones if you've learned a specific move and beat a specific gym.

Like the above, you're unable to cross any body of water without the use of a Pokemon that can learn, and has Surf, and you also have to obtain a certain badge to use it outside of battle.

Lots of strong moves do not affect the enviroment in any way, and the only instance I can recall of such a thing happening is in the beginning of Black and White, where moves like Scratch, Growl and Tackle make a complete mess of the players home.

People spend their entire lives just standing at one place, waiting for this one specific person to pass by so that they can challenge them. Once the battle is over, they go back to where they stood before and waits for the person to return and possibly rebattle them.

Characters in the anime can jump like 20 feet in the air at some points, but can't even manage to get out of small holes, which they also keep falling for. They can't recognize voices or faces either.

Just what was at the top of my head.
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