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Hello Aeon :D! Cool name you have there, I wish I'd thought of's simple but cute :3! I was sticking my head in sections quickly and being a lurker for the past year or so, but then realising how friendly everyone was I decided to come by and say hello :3. PC has given me some wonderful and amazing experiences so I hope you feel this way too one day :D.

Animal Crossing I hear :3? It used to be my second DS game, I think I named my village after Pallet Town or something... it was certainly fun to play. Fishing,buying furniture,watching my town grow it was the coolest game :D. Except then my old copy disappeared somewhere so now my old town is resting in peace with evil weeds D:<

Touhou? I think I've stumbled across the name once or twice and heard a few soundtracks (they're amazing :D) except I've never even had a shot at the games unfortunately.

If you want to share your LPs there is a section for it, there are some good LPers over there as well,maybe you'll even recognise somebody :D.But yeah,I guarantee you PC is friendly,helpful and just an awesome forum to be on :3. Feel free to call me Rainbow by the way, have fun Aeon (Oh I love saying your username n_n)
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