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Hi Dradier! Welcome to PC,I hope you're enjoying yourself so far :D. Game Development? If you're planning to get tips,need help or show off some of your latest works with others than the Game Development suits all your needs. We have one here,it's packed with great tips and advice,along with other amazing works. I think you'll love it there :D.

Anything else you plan to do here :3? Art,writing,talking about Pokemon,ROM Hacking,Trivia,joining a few clubs,welcoming others,there's so much to do here! Just see what you like and settle in easy alright :D?

And it'd also be great to learn more about you- maybe what your interests are (i.e, do you like sports,games,what?) Of course that's optional,just take your time and if you don't want to that's fine :D!

I'm Rainbow by the way, just make sure to briefly read the main rules and enjoy yourself alright?
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