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BURST Rogue of the Shadows

"Dusk? Haha, that's an odd name! But pretty decent, I guess. My name is even more odd so maybe I shouldn't be the one to talk. I'm Arla. It means morning, so I guess our names are opposites!"

"... Right..."

"Here you go! They are pancakes. You've had pancakes before... right? It's the best thing there is, at least if you don't make them too sugary." She then placed a whole platter of food before him and then went over to the kitchen to gets some for herself. Of course, by the time she'd return to the table, Dusk had already eaten the meal and had just finished drinking the juice and then exhaled.

"No... That's the first time I've had that... It was pretty good though..." He closed his eyes, somewhat relaxed now that he'd filled his stomach some.

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