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"Spider monster? I don't like spiders," Krissu said, frowning to hide that she was actually a bit nervous hearing about the Crystal Weaver.

Elise shrugged and pulled the shield off her back holding it in front of her. “Anyway, you ready? No time like the present.” She smiled at Krissu and gestured towards the cave. “Just stay close, I don’t want you dying on me.”

"Pfft, I'm not planning to die and things usually don't dare to not go as I've planned." That wasn't true, of course. As recently as earlier today, she had had a bit of misfortune or miscalculation in that lake. But Elise didn't need to know that. Yet.

Elise took a few steps forward, her feet crossing the threshold of the cave. Her feet made a soft echoing noise as she stepped in, her senses ready for whatever the cave would throw at them. Krissu shook her head to get her long, red hair out of her face as she followed the other girl. The cave was really badly lit up. They should have thought of that. Still, it wasn't as dark as a natural cave would be; this was a game after all and it would be no fun if you couldn't at all see where you were going. Luckily, Krissu wasn't a badly prepared alchemist, even if she wasn't the most complete one. She opened her inventory just a few meters into the cave, taking out a strangely glittering potion. When shaken, it lit up the darkness like a white torch. Really useful! The downside was that she had to shake it every other minute, or else it would rapidly lose light at those points.

After they had been walking in silence for a few minutes, something was heard further down into the cave, straight ahead seemingly. It sounded like some people were speaking. That didn't attract Krissu; quite the opposite.

"Sounds like people down there. Human voices. Don't you think?" she gestured to Elise, into the thicker darkness in front of them. "Normally it could be fun to meet up with some other players. But we're not here to find people now. We're looking for plants. So let's go... in here?"

Just ahead of them, to the left, was a path leading off from the main cave. Krissu thought the ground there was sloping downwards ever so slightly. Perhaps leading down to more moist ground, perfect for the Dustskin? She looked at Elise.

((It's the same cave as the others are in :D But we choose a different path now. I was thinking we can run into some enemies that are more quiet and careful than those players and therefore couldn't be heard at a distance. ))
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