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Quote originally posted by Ice Car:
So Brock Obamma won, huh?
Thank goodness yes.
Quote originally posted by droomph:

I bet the people at fox news are cutting themselves over that right now.
And Romney is porbably beating his staff up right now, just like that movie (What was it called hmm)
Quote originally posted by Forever:
I just said to Touj how although I'm not American I feel like really excited by this, almost as if I'm a part of it, just because I'm alive when it's happening. idk it's weird, like the moon landing????
Totally natural, we shall survive yet another four years (We'll more than likely grow in debt but at least we won't wage a gazillion new pointless wars so yeah ;-;)
Quote originally posted by Frostweaver:

Guess Romney is a noob and didn't learn Air Slash or HP Fire.
Quote originally posted by TRIFORCE89:
lol Honestly, what on earth were you afraid of happening that would be different from anything before? O_o

(Yay, Obama!)
Armageddon for one u_u
Quote originally posted by Frostweaver:
But I'm lazy and you know that D: The picture is *sorta* funny but not funny enough for me to do all of that :x
Yes 'all that' would be too much work lol :b
Quote originally posted by Toujours:
You know there's an addon for Chrome that Imgur makes, right? It lets you take screenshots of any area of a screen (or the entire screen) and you can rehost images to Imgur by just right-clicking and choosing "rehost image", so convenient.
Quote originally posted by Frostweaver:
Making me do unnecessary work ;_;

(though been a long long time since DCC gets that much activity and posts, lol. Guess that's another benefit of the election.)

EDIT: add-on hunt is something I'm incredibly lazy about even though it's super handy. It's similar to proper tagging of music... It *should* be done but I never get to it.
I think (Stress on think), this is it:
The one I have looks kinda different v_v