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I'm sure there are some of you that had one of those moments in your adventure, in mid-battle, that you never forgot about it again.

I'll start with a small example.

While playing Pokémon Black, I was battling Drayden, against his last Pokémon, Haxorus, who was able to KO half of my team. (I had 4 Pokémon concious when I started to fight Haxorus)

My Scolipede managed to do some damage, who put Haxorus at 1/4 of his HP, but it was KO'd. All I had left, was a Beartic, which had half of HP (revived by Scolipede before fainting). I had no more revives, potions or berrys to heal Beartic.

I was thinking "Ugh, I'm gonna have to fight this guy again..."

Haxorus used Dragon Tail, but to my surprise, my Beartic was able to survive the hit, having only 1 HP left. Beartic proceeded to use Icicle Crash, and it managed to beat Drayden.

Did you have any epic moments in your journey?
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