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Pokémon Master Ruby

Hello everyone! My name PokemonGiratinaX. You can call me PGX. Due to a problem, I cancelled my first hack. But! Now that most of my time is free, I have decided to make a new side-hack called Pokemon Master Ruby. This hack is my second project. So, please give me your feedback.

Also, this hack will enabling you to get all of the starter Pokemon. This hack also will bring you a new experience while playing Pokemon Ruby.


- A new set of starter will replace the old starter and each of them will holding a different item.
- The move in the game will be have a new effect or accuracy including Splash to make the hack more interesting.
- A little of the Pokemon will have a new change to evolved them including many Pokemon that will trade to
evolved them. The changes will be list in a document.
- Now, you can catch other starter from all 3-gen like Charmander, Chikorita and all of the starter Pokemon in their respective place. Below is the list. Not available in current Beta.
Chikorita - Petalburgs Wood
Totodile - Dewford Town Using Old Rod
Cyndaquil - Granite Cave
Bulbasaur - Route 112
Charmander - Route 114
Squirtle - Route 117
Torchic - Jagged Pass
Treecko - Route 120
Mudkip - Route 123

- Many trainer's Pokemon will be changed and thus, making them harder to beat.
- Many rare item will be available to bought in the shop including the rare Master Ball. In addition
to that, item's price will be increased a little.
- This hack's font will be changed to FireRed version and all of the Pokemon move and name will be
decapitalized. Also, the tiles have been changed.



Beta 3 - Up to the fifth Gym at Petalburg City.
- Link ->

Bugs and Glitch

- None yet.

Little Graphic Update

1. Go to Options > Filter > hq2x
2. Next, head to Options > Video > x4
3. The emulator now will be bigger.

Thanks to Pinkish Purple for this.


HackMew - A-Trainer
LU-HO - Advance Map
Green Charizard - FireRed font patch
Silver314 - YAPE
Pinkish Purple - Banner
Gerokunz - Banner
KirakonGxi - Banner
Nintendo (Minish Cap (Tiles), and original ROM, and Pokemon Emerald (Meteor Falls, a few house tiles, and the small tree. These are used as Placeholders until I find better tiles (apart from Meteor Falls, better in Purple!))
Sega (Casino Tiles from Sonic 2 Beta)
Bomberman Tournament (Safari Zone Tree Tiles)
Pokemon-Diamond of DeviantART - The Pont Water Edge thing Tiles.
Darkdragonn - Especially for the mountains, which I modified a bit
Pokemon-Diamond (All these from DeviantART - Tiles)
C.N.C - The mart.
Teh Panda
SabfromPC - Underwater mountain tiles
Femok - Secret Base Tree
Accolade - It's a secret to everybody
Most of all, Banjora Marxvile.


Made by Pinkish Purple.

Made by Gerokunz.

Made by KirakonGxi.
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