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I've been here for like a year, and barely anyone tries to talk to me. I know that my post counts are low, but lately I'm been trying to get myself noticed more for anyone to care or to get into the community.

And I wasn't trying to do this by attention, I just try to get to meet people and get noticed because well typically I'm actually being myself. And I sometimes get to see other people's pages and they get to talk to people.

But when I try to talk to certain people's posts here, some just talk to others or some see my page and never do anything, and it makes me feel bad and kind of frustrated.

But how do I tend to make more people want to talk to me more? Like I feel sort of left out, and I know that some people don't have the time to reply to posts or don't have anything to say but it just happens a lot. Is it actually because of my age or anything?
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