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Nothing to do with an OS. There's a number of things you can do, the best thing is to either update or upgrade your browser. Funnily enough a browser is meant for browsing, and the cleanest one to do that is Google Chrome. Considering you're on Windows, and laptops, I strongly dis-advise using Firefox on a laptop, unless your laptop is high end. I actually doubt that this is happening on each computer you use, it's most likely down to one. That could have been a coincidence, so disregard it for a moment.

Now, after changing your browser, your cookies and cache will be cleared. If you haven't done the first suggestion, then log out of PC on every computer you use if you're automatically logged in, then log in again. This will reduce your PC's load of cache when you open PC.

The last possible issue is the style you're using, however I doubt it. Some browsers can have problems loading many numbers of images at once, or large ones. So try changing the style you use and perhaps load times should disappear due to that.

Try identify the problem, it could be your browser, cache, or the fact you have a 0.5 MB image in your signature which could be causing loading time issues. Log any time this happens after trying what I suggested. And if PC is ever giving you trouble then use your hard refresh tool, which is ctrl + F5.

Give those a go and get back to us!
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