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The fact that you don't like a President doesn't make it illegitimate as long as he was elected by rules and procedures. No taxation without representation- and you sure had the choice to vote for your representatives last week. Didn't like majority choice? Well, you can try to assemble a better group of players for next time or go and say that playing basketball is boring and you didn't want to anyway and that you'd rather play with your friends only because the rival team was certainly cheating and the umpires were helping them and they didn't really win and and and, but only one choice is truly serious anyway.

In other words, if you don't like the way the country is going, push for the opposite ideas. They lost soundly 7 days ago, but maybe they won't in four years. But saying "it's unfair and it doesn't count since I lost" is not the way to go. Anywhere.

After all, if the US survived a ""tyrannical unelected president"" called George W Bush not so long ago, it can't really get much worse now. This one at least won two elections.
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