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Hi, my name is Carl, and I'm new here... and at Pokémon... and at foruming... pretty much new at everything. I'm kind of a short-post and timid kind of person, never able to write something more than 2 lines, which I think by this point I might of already broken that. (Thank God. ಥ_ಥ)

Alright, what to talk about... Well, my first Pokémon game was Black, and I finished it a few weeks ago. I'm starting to look for the older Pokémon games, such as Red, Gold and Emerald. My favorite Pokémons are Scrafty (easily identified by the name, picture and signiture), and Honchkrow.

Foruming... All I can say about it, is that I'm new at it, I don't have much experience in it, and I'm too scared to post anywhere else. ಥ_ಥ

I will try to stay active and follow the rules (If I can even find them), and enjoy my best here.

Oh God This is scary
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