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Not sure if this goes in plot bunny but here it goes:

I'm writing this story in where Mars saves Saturn. However, in my Poke-verse (since I am using the games, I don't really pay attention to the anime), ever since that incident with Cyrus disappearing, Saturn has become very... protective of Mars.Because he's a boss now, he gets to decide who does what on this newly reformed team and lets just say that he won't really let Mars do anything because he's paranoid. How can I portray someone who is that protected to set out on a dangerous mission (such as the one I'm putting her in now. She has to chase down the evil team, which I made them up, and save Saturn), in which Saturn wouldn't feel comfortable with her doing, to be endearing and relatable to the reader?

I do like protective romantic relationships (and I'd like to be allowed to write them), but I also want to make the character endearing and having willpower...