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My aunt is pretty clueless when it comes to using her computer, so I've had a lot of... interesting stories with her. One example included her complaining that she didn't have Google on her desktop, even though her homepage was Google, and all she just had to click on her Internet Explorer icon (trying to explain the difference to her between different internet browsers took me way too long). I eventually just renamed the IE shortcut to Google, and she was much happier. A more recent example is that she insists on playing Spider Solitaire on a sketchy website, despite it being one of the pre-installed games on her computer. Long story short, I can't convince her to use the version on the computer, but she figures as long as she runs her anti-virus 4 or 5 times in a row after she's done playing, it'll be okay.

And now I have to buy her a new mouse, because she figured it would be a good idea to take her old one all apart to get the dust out of it. It can't be cordless, though, or else the mouse and the computer might not talk to each other...

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