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Quote originally posted by Sandshrew4:
(I also need a vocalist, bass or lead guitarist, and a keyboardist XD)
Well, that's not a lot at all xD

Quote originally posted by Kroso:
To be honest, even though this club is inactive, The musicians surley aren't! I've to say myself to be honest, I'm very passonate about what I play on the bass and trombone. Even though I usually fiddle on the bass from time to time. I'm actually thinking to see if I can bring one of my ideas to life. I've all the recording software, I just need to wait till I have time to do so. I can't wait until I actually bring the idea to life. :D.
I'm glad to hear that. I really hope you finish it soon. I'd like to hear a piece of music by my fellow PC-ers.

Anyway, guys, I have some spare time in the next 3 weeks, so I had a cool idea (Well, at least it's cool in my head xD ). We should form a band! Not in real life, since we're all a couple thousand miles apart. It'd work like this: Each band member would record his/her part of a song, and then someone who is good with video-editing would put all of the recorded videos together (Like a split screen) and in sync. I could do lead guitar.

I hope it's not a stupid idea... what do you think?

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