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Quote originally posted by playplayj:
^ So far I haven't seen any fakemon and he doesn't mention any so I would assume that there aren't any. Also I understand what you mean, I don't like tons of fakemon either.

Edit: Just finished the beta (I think) and I love this game! It's my favorite rom hack atm, please continue the great work! Also when can we expect the next update?

Hmm, I don't want to put a date on the next release but expect new updates this weekend.

Quote originally posted by drew6464:
Hey. It's been quite some time, Quilava's Master.

Your game looks like it's progressing nicely. After playing through it once more, I can easily say this definitely deserved the Hack of the Month award. Everything feels pretty solid (or at least more so than most of the other games) and I really like it.

However, as from the beginning, the male trainer sprite is ticking me off a lot. Would you be willing to consider a resprite if I offered you with some edits? Because right now he looks to me as much younger and more immature than the female hero.

And nice being here again.


EDIT 10:30 PM Pacific;


I've finished. I actually was not satisfied with... well, either sprite. So I proposed a new sprite for the girl as well.

What do you think? Please consider these.

I think these look amazing. However, to be honest I perfer the original heroine sprite [the black outlines look better to my eyes]. The Hero LOOKS so cool, but he looks a little too serious. He's meant to look less intimidating. If you can resprite him with a softer expression, and the same style as D/P/PT [the aforementioned black outline and brighter colors], I'd love to use him!

Quote originally posted by IrishAurum:
Is It okay if I use this Hack for a GamePlay? Please Reply Thank you
Yeah sure, just link the thread in your video. enjoy :}

The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.