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Hey I've been away lately but December approaches and that means I put on my lazy pants and return to my DS for a rousing game of Pokemon. If you're not familiar with me, Hi, I'm Laure and I've had challenges on here before, like my other challenges (I believe I had seasons, Game of Thrones (sorry I wasn't able to really participate in that) you simply pick a path and follow the rules that come along with it.

In this particular challenge you get to pick between 3 different time periods, may be adding others later. When you start your new game pick the era you want, follow the rules, have fun.

Basic Rules:
When did you beat the challenge? Simple, when the credits roll. After you beat elite 4, or a super rival, basically when Nintendo reminds you that every Japanese citizen worked on this game. You might be saying, Laure, you're cray cray, I'm playing G/S/C or HG/SS the credits roll half way through the game. Well to that I say, you're in luck 2nd geners, the challenge is a bit different for you. I'll elaborate more once you get to your era of choice.

BUTTTTTTTT Laure I wanna trade and hack some Pokemon in, you say, well too bad. This challenge isn't that tough to go to that necessary, you may only trade or hack or do whatever odd things you people do to evolve certain Pokemon.

You must have at least 4 Pokemon in your party before obtaining the 6th badge.


Keep me updated on what's going on with your challenge please, updates every other badge would be lovely, post pictures give me a status on your team (unless in you're in risk of double posting of course than please edit the previous post).

That's really it on basic rules. Just no cheating Game Shark, or whatever you whippersnappers use nowadays. Anyway, Time Warp Time, let's check out the era and the rules that go with them.

Jurassic Jam
  • Your Team May be Built of: Any Fire Types, Any reptilain Pokemon, Grass Types, Bugs (no crazy interpretations, if it has scales and isn't a fish it's a reptiles)
  • Mandatory: If your game allows you to collect a fossil and revive it that Pokemon must be on your team, so if you're playing 1st gen you will have both Aerodactyl and the other fossil Pokemon
  • Banned: No Ice Types, No Electric Types, what are you trying to do? Destroy dinosaurs with your ice age. I don't want any of that business.
  • Era Rules: YOU MAY NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THE POKEMART, money doesn't exist. And no you can't barter, because the hard miniumn wage workers at the Pokemart don't accept chickens or dino dung
  • Second Gen Rules: Once you set foot on Kanto dragon types are unlocked and allowed on your team

Westward Expansion
  • Your Team May be Built of: Any Normal type (unless they are from the fairy egg group, Clefairy, Togepei, etc.), Ghost Types (all dem dead cowboys), Rock Types, and any horse Pokemon and/or cow/deer
  • Mandatory: Gen 1 - Rapidash / Gen 2 - Onix ( can't evolve it sucka) / Gen 3 - Nosepass / Gen 4 - Rotom, but no forms allowed / Gen 5 - Sandile
  • Banned: No Pink colored Pokemon, No Electric Types, No Water Types (have fun with your drought)
  • Era Rules: No Rotom Forms, You may only use the Pokemart after cashing in nuggets or selling other items you find
  • Second Gen Rules: Once you touch foot on Kanto Steel types may join your team (ur Onix may evolve if you want it to)

The Sci-Fi Like Future
  • Your Team May be Built of: Electric Types, Steel Types, Psychic Types
  • Mandatory: Magnezone (or lesser evolution if earlier game) and/or Unown, 1 Pure Poison Type
  • Banned: No Grass Types, No Water Types, No Ghosts
  • Era Rules: No buying Pokeballs, may only use those you find.
  • Second Gen Rules: Once you touch foot on Kanto dark types are allowed on your team

Will add a Champions list later.

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