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Name: Sarah Morgan
Age: 17
Gender: Female
History: Sarah is a 17 year old, who works as a Lifeguard at the YMCA. She, her mother and little brother live in Pasadena California. Her mother and father are recently divorced, a subject that weighs on both her and her brothers minds constantly.
Appearance: Clara wears a pair of Black Spandex shorts, with a long sleeve T-shirt. (This is because she’s typically colder in her arms, rather her legs.) Both of her ears are pierced, and she wears a necklace around her neck that her grandfather gave her,
She has Pacific Ocean blue eyes, with brunette shaded hair.

Sarah comes off as a typical valley girl, and is most likely to shoot off a sarcastic or Witty response. Once one breaks through her shield she becomes friendlier.
Likes: Swimming, and Dancing
Dislikes: Snakes

Starter Pokémon: Wildcard.

RP sample:
“Ugh, Yes mom; I’m looking for a cheaper deal on a video game” Sarah sat at her computer; trapping her phone between her cheek and shoulder whilst she filed her nails. “Love you too. K bye” she said, quickly hanging up the phone.
Clicking back into Facebook, she wrote a status one indicative of feelings. “What’s this?” a window popped up on the left hand side of her browser.
“An email?” there was a look of confusion on her face” not completely understanding what the message meant; she clicked on it and almost instantly passed out.

I can add more if need be.

Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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