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Hey Kaye, welcome to the forum! <3 If you're a professional procrastinator, we should be friends, just so you know. I'm pretty high up there when it comes to that too; probably in the top 5 in the US!

Since you mentioned the SP, do you play the older games? Have you tried the newer ones yet like Black 2/White 2? If you're into the older games I'm sure you'll like our 1-3rd generation sections, they're filled with people who also love the older games. Though there's also plenty of amazing people over at our 4th and 5th gen discussion sections, so drop by those sometime if you're interested, too. :D You'll find sections for pretty much everything here, and given how active the community is, there'll always be something new popping up!

It's pretty cool that you still get the games and trade with your brother, kind of makes me wish I had more friends I could do that with. Glad to hear you'll be exploring the writing section though, I'd love to see it get more regulars. n n It has some amazing reviewers! :3

Hope to see you around, and have a wonderful time. Feel free to contact me if you need help with anything, I'm always open!
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