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Quote originally posted by Astinus:
After some digging, I found an answer. The max you can have in terms of characters is 85000. I think that's around 30-ish pages in OpenOffice. (I checked on the only document I have large enough, which is currently set at Times New Roman, size 12 font.) That's pretty amazing if you have updates around 30 pages.

Awesome lol, 30 pages should be enough. And if not I have the reserved post xD
I'll write another section here soon, atm Im playing w/ my i***** since I just jailbroke it.

Edit: There, got another section written. Sorry there wasn't an update yesterday, life happened. But anyways please comment all you'd like, I appreciate all of it. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but know the difference between dogging someone and being constructive.

Sig broke. qwq
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