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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Watching the first episode of the tournament. There were 128 pictures shown on the prompt. Ash beats Trip in the first Round so Trip doesn't even get top 100.

Ash beats Stephan in second Round and Kotetsu beats Bianca in the Second round. Bianca and Stephan get in the top 65 as second round as 64 people.

32 people are in the battle with Kotetsu vs Ash. So Ash vs Virgil is top 16. If Ash loses he makes top 16. If he wins he goes onto Top 8. All of his rivals are battled before Ash gets to top 8. So even after Virgil's battle, there are 2 battles after that if they are shown. We know they'll get to Kotetsu's battle without interruption. I can only imagine the entire tournament continues like that.

Though we have placements pretty much.
Quoting my old post cause there is an update/edit to make.

Ash fights someone before Stephan, so Trip still doesn't really make it into the Top 100, but Ash and Stephan are both in the top 32 when their battle takes place (from what I've seen). I haven't seen a gap between Kotetsu and Stephan's battles with Ash yet so Kotetsu is in the top 16 and will continue to top 8 with Virgil. Considering there is one episode left to be unveiled before the N Arc as the Anime is taking a 2 week break which are the episodes we'd need to fill in the complete Unova league, it may end with Virgil vs Ash. Since that is the last episode, going off what has happened in the past, Ash will lose to Virgil and they'll do a synopsis finish since every battle after that is no longer important to the story since they don't include Ash.

So looks like Top 8 or so for Ash. Unless there are two skipped battles before Virgil's battle and Ash faces Virgil in the finals.
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