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Name: Randy Browns
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Nationality: American

Character: Kirby
Differences:The day has arrived to Randy commemorate Nintendo for their best game of the year: Super Smash Bros: Battle! Randy decided to wear a Kirby costume. Kirby was Randy's favorite character, with him, Randy won some tournament of his family including his brother,cousin...etc. So he was wearing a big pink T-shirt, pink pants, red shoes, a Kirby mask + and Randy added new features to his Kirby costume, such as like red gloves! In that day, he was so happy about the new game of his favorite series, Super Smash Bros. He was really happy, until...''FIRE!!'' said someone and he saw a giant Turtle there. It was probably Bowser and Randy was like WTF?! Bowser exists?! But before he could see him, POW! A big punch...

Roleplay Sample: The sound of the waves, sunny just like if it was summer...the island is heating up. ''Randy! Randy, wake up!!!'' . Randy wakes up pale asking himself only one question: ''Where am...I?!'' Randy tries to call his brother by shouting his name. Nothing. '' Really, where am I?'' Randy is so confused, and he doesn't know what to do. '' I tough I heard someone's voice, is brother? No I'm sure it isn-!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Randy saw a giant creature! ''A.......A.......DRAGOON!''

''It's OK, don't be scared, I'm not your enemy. I'm the opposite, I rescued you from my evil brother Insane, he wants to do those terrible things...however...I can't stop him alone! Please help me, I will lend you Kirby's powers to help, that's gonna be a big help for you in the future!''

''B-But how can you do that?! Really?! I'm gonna be a Kirby?!''

''No, but I will lend all the power Kirby has, that you have seen in the game.'' Then, the mysterious creature, or better: THE MYSTERIOUS dragon, apologized Randy, and said:''Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Camelia. But anyways, you can call me Cammy if you want! ''

''So your brother's name is....INSANE?! That's funny, but I;m sorry'' said Randy ''It's OK, so, will you help me?'' asked Cammy, Randy introduced himself and said OK, but he had a lot questions to do. ''''I love to help people, but tell me: How I got there? And Can we do it, just the two of us?''

''There are others, not just the two of us, and the reason your here is because my brother wants to hunt you and the others. Why? I'll explain later! I need you to have your abilities, I want to turn this place peaceful again...don't move, stay where you are.'' Randy said why, she said because the time has arrived, to lend Randy the ability Kirby has. ''Give me your hand,, Randy.'' ''(Wait, I had another question! How does she knows my name...? Dam* it! Now's not the time.'' A light came from her hand and...Randy slept.

Randy woke up. he was quiet...''................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Randy sensed he became more powerful, he posses the power of Kirby, he can fly how many times he can, he can now use Kirby's powerful hammer, posses one of the ability from another creature...! ''Thanks'' said Randy. '' I-I!!!!!!!! I HAVE KIRBY'S POWER?! HEHEH YAY! That was my dream, it became true!!!!!!!!!! (Wait...I forgot one thing. Camelia, she was the reason I had those powers. I should thank her)''

''.......? Camelia? Cammy? ...Well, strange creature, but very nice, heh.'' Camelia was nowhere to be found. Randy shouted her name 5 times. Nothing. Completely nothing. Randy tried out the hammer. ''Wow!!!!'' he said, so Randy were testing his powers on the island. But in the end, Randy didn't know what to do. ''Awwww, come on! I don't even know what to d-.......'' Randy saw a Crab. ''What if I try to have his powers?'' he said.