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Hoenn Region Pokemon Fan Club!
We welcome all Hoenn pokemon lovers! This is a fan-club for the Pokemon of the Hoenn region, so please keep discussion on those. But otherwise, enjoy yourself!


1. Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Club's rules.

2. Please don't spam, troll or harass.
3. Try to keep active!
4. Everyone can choose one partner Pokemon from the Hoenn region upon joining and a nickname for it if you want.
5. I can't stress this enough. Upon joining, please choose a starter. Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip.
6. This club's focus is on the Pokemon of the Hoenn region, which means discussion can't be about certain characters, places in the regions, etc. Not in Hoenn either. Bringing something else up to use to relate to is alright, just don't make the discussion entirely about that.
7. Enjoy!
Sign-Up Form

Partner Pokemon:
Pokemon Nickname:
Reason for joining:
Answer the current topic!
List Of Pokemon
This club is based on Hoenn region pokemon so please choose one from that region.
Members List
Every club needs a list of members!
Owner: Checkers_Albino_Umbreon Kandi 200

Co-Owner: pikakitten Drop 200
Avishka Muddystars 300
rainerman3 Trek 200
Curtis Talli Aston 200

OnchoPoncho 100
CobaltChrome Zirc 100
glitchguy Tsunami 200
PeanutButterGamer Emburr 100
BroskiRage TheBro 300
LilJz1234 Chiclet 200
eeveebud Leo 100
Wind Heart Foretta 100
User Bars Pikakitten
Points and Rewards!
In order to earn points you must post a certain amount of times.
Points Post = 100 points
Participation (Event) = 200 points
Placing (Event) = 3rd place, 300 points; 2nd place, 400 points; 1st place, 500 points

500 points, Evolution
1000 points, Pokeballs (1000 is normal, 1500 is great, 2000 is ultra, 2500 is any other ball and 3000 is master)
(Every now and then we'll send out a random VM where a wild battle is initiated and if you have one you can ATTEMPT to capture it)
1500 points, A new partner, not one of the 3 (Mudkip, Torchic, Treecko) (5000 for legendary and you must catch it)
2000 points, Promotion (Member: Posts; Super Member: Can pitch ideas to us (contests, new features, rewards, etc) Awesome Member: Recieves a VM for when there's a new topic; Top Notch Member: Get's all those things and can change topics (every 2-4 topics so then the 2500 points will be worth something sometimes))
2500 points, Can host one event.
Events December 24th- Delibird's Best Gift Contest!
Here's how to play:
Select an item from the list below.
Then take a Hoenn pokemon. You can either sprite the pokemon (who doesn't have to be a starter) or draw them with it.
The rules are:
1. Please be kind.
2. No trolling, harassing, or spamming!
3. PC rules apply.
4. Must be a Hoenn pokemon. (it can be shiny, too)
5. Post what you are going to use. Only one person can use the item.
6. If you choose to draw it, it must be YOURS! Same with sprites. You must make this stuff yourself. You have been warned.
7. Have fun with it! The winner is voted by majority rules.
Items: Fruitcake, Santa Hat, Stocking, Toy Car, Coal, Candle, Christmas, Tree, String of lights Entries due 1/15/13
Contestants: Pikakitten: Shiny Jirachi, Santa Hat Curtis Talli: Azurill, Coal Gerokunz: Shiny Torchic, Candle Checkers
: Flygon, String of Lights
Current Topic

What is it about Hoenn Pokemon that you think makes them unique?
X/Y Friend Code: 4313-1485-3689
Friend Safari: Bug ~ Butterfree, Beautifly, Vivillion (I think)

PM Me if you add me~!

Flygon is my bby~!