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Originally Posted by Shucklulz View Post
Some of them are kind of ridiculous (1 million EXP in one day? No thanks) but overall I like the system a lot! It adds a lot of extra content to the game and gives me a reason to keep playing after completing story mode.
That's easy once you've reached high-level Audinos. A Lv.47-50 one drops a LOT of experience, and if you have a baby Lv.1 holding a Lucky Egg leading the charge, it's not uncommon for a number over 10,000 to appear, even 15,000. Get 20 babies in there, times just 10,000, and there's 200,000 already. Meanwhile the minimal experience your main fighter is getting helps.

You can also purposefully get several Pokémon from baby to Lv.50 this way. Many have 150,000 experience by this point. Multiply that by 7, not even thinking about the main fighter, and bingo.

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