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Laugh's Ntroduction
Hey, Adventurers! Time fo tha first event n tha club! It's a fan fiction writng contest, and
you can write anythng you want, as long as it's Adventure Time related! It can star anyone,
anyone you desire. You can have millions of characters, if you want. It doesn't have ta be n
a specific genre. You can do rodawgce, adventure, or humor. Be creative!

Lumpy Space Prncess
Hey, homeys! It's Lumpy Space Prncess, lumpn' author of Ooo! Hannah contacted me and
said you losers were havng a writng event, and I just had ta participate! I'll be yo
judge and mascot, which is lumpn' off tha hook! Git those sexy pens out, smoothies!

It's sort of like, werewolf rules.
Tha ones wit ♛'s is new.

Don't lumpn' copy anyone's work! Write yo own, loser!
No swearng, no sexual thames, no sexy stuff or whatever!
Make sure yo fan fiction is fo tha general audience, fo kids and kids at heart.
♛ It should be at least a thousand words! I'm not acceptng anythng unless it's a thousand!

Submission Deadlne
Tha deadlne's on tha first of January, UTC -8 time, which is tha time on PokeCommunity.
Private Message yo staries ta Hannah, also known as Laugh. Submit tham complete wit yo usernbee
and tha title of yo fan fiction. Also, sez 'Whatever! It's 2012!' n yo entry message, ta prove you've read tha rules.

Gots A Question?
Fo questions, Visitar Message Hannah by clickng here.

Who's Judgng?
Laugh will be judgng yo work. She will also participate, though she won't really wn.
It's lumpn' unfair if she did, right, babes?

css by laugh
lsp sprite by mishakiara

“Not everybody is beautiful. I’m tired of hearng that. But everybody has tha ability ta be. You is as beautiful as tha thngs you do, tha words you sez, and tha ntentions of yo heart. You is as beautiful as you let yoself become.”

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