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So how about a new topic.

What is your favorite Shiny Hoenn Sprite?

EVENT!!December 24th is...Delibird's Best Gift Contest!

Here's how to play: Select an item from the list below. Then take a Hoenn pokemon. You can either sprite the pokemon (who doesn't have to be a starter) or draw them with it. The rules are:

1. Please be kind.
2. No trolling, harassing, or spamming!
3. PC rules apply.
4. Must be a Hoenn pokemon. (it can be shiny, too)
5. Post what you are going to use. Only one person can use the item.
6. If you choose to draw it, it must be YOURS! Same with sprites. You must make this stuff yourself. You have been warned.
7. Have fun with it! The winner is voted by majority rules.

Santa Hat
Toy Car
Christmas Tree
String of lights

Entries Requests due 12/23/12
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