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Quote originally posted by Mononoke Hime:
Bidepal pokemon with tails are cool but I would go with quadrupede pokemon.
The only bad thing is that so nobody can fly ;;

Geez, this place is quiet isn't it?
Time for a new topic:

What's the best serpent couple for you? Why?
Well I think Milotix x Gyarados is classic. Is like the beauty and the beast and they have very close concepts. I think they're very close one to another naturally.
But wouldn't it be kinda annoying every time you want to hold something?

For some reason I want to pair it with a Serperior instead, but I doubt it'll even bear fruit.
Hey, it's Twiggy here. Or Twiggy, if you prefer. I like Servine and Noivern a lot. I'm paired with Kip. I like Katy Perry. I want a Chespin plushie. Also, I'm a total PC geek.