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Tobi Lomborte
The Sun

After running back through his mind what Just happend Tobi shook his head with a deep sigh. 'The things I get myself into...', he thought. But what could he have expected? He knew Ari was sneaky and mischivous. Trying to strike some conversation with the woman at this time especially since he could sense she wasnt in the sunniest of moods, wasnt a very good idea on his part. It was proboblly the anxiety of the Ball, he thought. Tobi was never particularly at his prime when it came to mass social gatherings, especially one so formal. Tobi sort of craved any type of social activity at this time in fear that he might feel excluded from activty by most of the senior members. Nonetheless he pushed those thoughts as well as Ari's "plot" to the very back of his head.

Then, as if from nowhere, Simon his cat, padded up to Tobi's feet giving him an inquisitive look as if he were watching, and an almost silent meow.

"Thats right", petting the handsome Maine Coon. "We need to get ready for the ball." Over the next hour, Tobi prepared himself for the event. Showevering, dressing, and things of that sort. Onced finished, Tobi strutted the finest of the formal attire of the famiglia. Sporting a black suite and a megenta spotted black tie to match his eyes. Finally, he even fitted a neat little bow tie on Simon's collar. After such strenuous and delicate preperation he decided to have a small snack to hold him over till the ball. Heading downstairs, with Simon in toe, Tobi heads torwards the dinning hall, he sees the other members of the swords, Oda and Xoxaa conversing with a few maids. He figured it was a great opprotunity to introduce his presence. "Hello! Am I interrupting something?"

"Oh! Master Tobi, of course not! We were just preparing for the ball with Mistresses Xoxaa and Oda.", replied one of the maids with strange enthusiasm. "We're just trying to find the best outfit possible for them. You look splended as well." Although the maids were naturally kind and helpful, Tobi figured it was his power of the sun that was making the woman so jovial and enthusiasticaly helpful. Tobi mentally smacked himself for unintentionally influencing someone.

After this realization Tobi nods to the woman and continues onto his destination towards the dining hall, in search for possibly a croissant or two.
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