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Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post
I think you need to delete your savefile.
Thanks for the reply, I've given it a try and it's let me get as far as creating a new game.
But now it's lead to a further problem.

Running it through the 'Game' application brings me this message when I start a new game:
Script 'Game_Map_' line 106: SystemStackError occurred.

Stack level too deep.
And playtesting through RPG Maker gives similar results:
Exception: SystemStackError
Message: stack level too deep
Game_Character_1:66:in `moving?'
Game_Event_:246:in `update'
Game_Map_:336:in `update'
Game_Map_:334:in `each'
Game_Map_:334:in `update'
Scene_Map:37:in `updateMaps'
Scene_Map:36:in `each'
Scene_Map:36:in `updateMaps'
Scene_Map:84:in `miniupdate'
Scene_Map:83:in `loop'
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