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It's silly. We already (rightfully) educate the youth on the dangers of smoking, and we have laws in place to restrict the sale of tobacco to those not old enough to make an informed decision about whether to start. We've also put limits on how they can advertise, preventing them from trying to lure in minors despite the age restrictions. Past that, there's no reason to restrict how these businesses choose to advertise further. If they're blatantly trying to draw in minors, then sure, penalize them for that, but just having "colorful packaging" hardly falls into that category. That's supposed to be eye-catching to ANYONE, which is the point of advertising: trying to get people to see your product.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I don't like smoking. I'm for anything which might make it harder for tobacco companies to stay in business because I think that until they go out of business smoking it going to be a stain on humanity, causing nothing but harm to people.
So you're suggesting that a group of businesses should be treated unfairly because you don't like their product?
Doctors Without Borders: one of the few charity groups you can rely on to actually do real good in the world.

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