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Ari, The Empress.
"Camellia. Miss Terranci." A distracted Ari immediately tensed up as she hadn’t been expecting a man’s voice. She cursed under her breath before she gave Marcus a quick smile. "You two look very beautiful tonight." Blushed cheeks emerged victorious as Ari had failed to fight them off. In her best attempt she struggled to put into words how sophisticated and put together his outfit was. How it bought out all the features Ari was always heavily fixated on. A muted Ari left all those emotions to swirl around her head as she awaited Camellia's response.

“Ari and Marcus, you two should totally have a dance as heads of sectors,” Camellia’s voice came off distracted yet she still managed to push Ari closer towards Marcus. Ari shot her a look but found her moving at an incredible speed through the crowd toward the staircase. The thought to reprimand her for the takeoff and her loud mouth was shoved to the back of her mind as she noticed just how close she was to a surveying Marcus.

“You do realize that someone would be a fool to attack us with all of La Famiglia here, right” She kept her voice monotone, she had been monitoring his movements since before he came closer. “Do you know how to relax?” The question itself would’ve been silly for anyone else but when it came to Marcus he was always on duty. She felt the same constant stress sometimes as Head of Intelligence yet she managed to have her own brand of fun. His branch was quite a bit more demanding with work than hers but what were the point of subordinates if they weren't to be used? Ari could tell that he was a bit of a perfectionist and perfection wasn't going to happen unless he took control and forced it.

“Also, I have no intention of calling you Mr. de Telarius, Marcus. As much as I appreciate your formalness it’s always Ari,” Her gaze had shifted downwards towards the wine glass she fiddled while she spoke. “I do have every intention of dancing with you.”

The newfound confidence came as a shock to Ari, she had every intention previously to leave the ball. If Marcus rejected her here and now her infatuation would wither but that was better than having it be fully blossomed and then sliced to pieces later. A brief smile came across her face; unlike the one she flashed earlier at Tobi there were actually feelings of affection behind it. Before Marcus could politely excused himself for some Sword related duty Ari took a daring step forward and wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. Despite her height shift from the heels her dancing partner was still taller than her. She bit her lip, her experience with guys had never gone this way they were always intimidated and overpowered by her personality. A moment came when Ari briefly looked him in the eyes; Camellia’s were definitely more alive. She seized the opportunity to try and pry the secrets that they held but they wouldn’t budge. While they danced Ari made sure that Marcus and her were spun in a slow circle. She was aware that he would have the urge to check their surroundings. That’s why she hoped he’d be able to that and dance with her if they spun.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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