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Adelaide Smith
Oldale Town

Before long, Adelaide's trail led her to the borders of Oldale Town. With Chanel at her side, the stylish young woman began a brief exploration of the town that ended in a mixture of disappointment and rationality. The former was because of the town's meager size, with barely enough room for the PokeCenter and PokeMart that were shoved in its boundaries, yet plenty of free trees to make room for them. For whatever reason, the people of the town didn't seem to want to cut down the forest around them.

But that was not the true issue, for Adelaide remembered that the second location in any story often has a fickle fate befall it. Whether it was through returning there later, or while the protagonist was present, there was a hook to capture the interests of whichever appropriate peruser of media. Though, she could not possibly imagine what it was. Perhaps the denizens of her dream were also savvy to the ways of the world, and specifically didn't anger the forest's denizens to avoid such a fate.

That would serve as an interesting dilemma, if she were to come into conflict with them, or at least she thought it was. Subversions were her game, however, and she was sure that being able to outwit herself was within her capabilities. After her exploration was done with, Adelaide concluded that there was almost nothing to see in Oldale Town, despite the encouragement from Littleroot Town to head there. There was, however, a perfectly usable PokeMart that she could use to stock up on healing items.

Adelaide's first steps into the shockingly sanitary confines of the PokeMart were cut short, as, with a burst of air conditioning and the scent of cleaning fluids, came a greeting woman in a uniform to match the clerk's; a man who sat behind the counter with a goofy smile on his face. "Hello! Welcome to the Oldale Town PokeMart, trainer!" The attendant greeted Adelaide by shaking her hand almost a tad too eagerly, before waving to Chanel, and grinning again. "It's dangerous to go fighting Pokemon alone, so take this!"

Again, before Adelaide could try to summon a response, a potion was pushed into one of her pockets, while the Attendant smiled at her. "Thanks. Excuse me." Adelaide said softly, slipping away from the strange woman's mien with all her skills of dodging conversation that served very well on the New York streets. With Chanel following swiftly on the ground beside her, albeit taking care not to trip over her own dress, Adelaide managed to choose the items she wanted swiftly enough.

There wasn't a great selection in the PokeMart, despite its size, which Adelaide imagined to be a result of understocking and little commercialism from the townsfolk. There were only so many trainers that could visit the town every week, but almost everyone needed what the PokeMart did have in store. The meeting with tthe clerk was just as brief as with the Attendant. She made sure of that. After swiping her card, Adelaide stuffed the items into the pockets of her jacket and fled the PokeMart.

Upon turning the corner of a house, with the intent to find something to do, Adelaide's gaze settled on a young woman lying on a bench, with a scattering of clothes that surrounded her like some kind of messy aura. Doing such a thing was unthinkable back where Adelaide came from, unless one was a hobo, yet the girl seemed to be neither poor nor dirty, but certainly seemed to be firmly into her sleep. It would have been easy to walk away, but Adelaide didn't want her fellow young woman to be attacked by a wild Pokemon or those thieves the man warned her of.

With Chanel beside her, Adelaide approached the bench where Ariel laid and loudly cleared her throat, in an attempt to wake the dozing girl.
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