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What is that one moment you remember as being flat-out ridiculous, in any of your games?

For myself, it would be one thing that occurred to myself.

I had just gotten my copy of Pokèmon Crystal, was laid up in the hospital after a spinal tap + some resetting of a shattered elbow & was about to leave New Bark Town.
I went into the grass & BAM!
Shiny Hoothoot.
But I had not yet ever seen a shiny Pokèmon, in all of my time playing Yellow.
I had absolutely no Pokèballs & did even realize it was special.

I defeated it with my Chikorita & continued on my way, expecting all Gen 2 Pokèmon to have "that cool intro animation".

When I found out what I had done, that I could not have done any different & that I adored Hoothoot/Noctowl...

Oh, I have spent many a hour in SS, scouring the tall grass that those Pokèmon so love, but it has never come back...
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