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The 8-way movement gfx was glitching out whenever a party member was following, so I spent a while fixing it to be perfect..
I added 8-way collision-detection (you will slide off the edge of things) and I fixed 8-way ledge-checking..
Other than that, I've been re-hashing the music a little.. The title theme music (epic megaman bgm), while I felt was in theme with the style, I decided it was too strong and found something a little more restrained. I also found some music for intro parts that had none, some elevator music for the post-title-menu and a few other bits and pieces.

I'm thinking strongly about taking on the battle system after some finalisations are made.. I've already got most of what I need data-wise.. I'm just not sure about dumping the old battle system.. Also, if I did start to go through with it, I'd probably alter the damage, exp and stat formulae to work on a per-hit gain and also to favour stats used by attacks. That's a big job.. Not to mention, I'd have to create a few new gui's for the system, and graphics *sigh* are not my strongest skill.. So.. I'll just see what I can manage..

On an ending note, the game is making great progress towards the goal of re-doing the entire demo with the new engine. After a bit more tinkering, it'll be back to the "3d" lab to work on some more objects, hopefully finish Oak's Lab and a couple of decoration things..

Merry X-Mas to everyone for tomorrow (2-days time if ya in the US)
Best wishes - KM
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