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-Extrasensory - 80 base damage for 30 PP? Yes.
-Flamethrower - I just love the way it looks in Colosseum, especially in the colorful Under Colosseum. God, I miss that game.
-Shadow Ball - I dunno; it's just cool.
-Stockpile/Spit Up/Swallow - It's a creative idea for a trio of moves.
-Endeavor - The Battle CD with Rattata against Shuckle brings this to mind.
-Assist - While not all that useful, it's a nice way around move restrictions like Taunt and Disable.
-Silver Wind - Again, it's just cool.
-Hidden Power - It's nearly impossible to predict what will happen. I only wish that it did more damage and had the potential to cause status effects or heal based on its type.
-Metronome - I also like this one for its chaotic factor.

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