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Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
I have alot of stuff but i currently dont have a camera on me but ill list my stuff

The first one and the lucario one.

Just a stack full but the ones i care about are: BW Pikachu, GIANT VICTINI i got from the movie when i saw it, and a few rumble cards.

I lose a lot of my games so i only have fire red silver and colloseum. I have boxes for black and white 2 (where ever the heck i put them)

Miscellaneous Some plushies are from amusment parks so im guessing there bootleg
Have a oshawott plushie, GIANT pikachu plushie, Lifesize Shaymin Sky Form plushie (bootleg), regulur shaymin plushie (bootleg but i don't care) Pikachu plushie (also bootleg) talking croagunk and Grotle (not bootleg from toys r us) Talking pikachu that actually moves ears and mouth. Reshiram toy from BW promotion. Pokemon original pillow & sheets.

Thats about it. Will add pics when i can

Here's some pics

I like that pikachu on the left there, what's on it's head??
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