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Notes: This story takes place after the episode 'A Poké-BLOCK Party!'. This is my first fanfic, and features Jigglypuff and a certain Pokémon! This is anime-canon based fanfic. I'm inspired to make this when I was watching some episode arc of Pokémon BW that I decide to bend these 2 singing Pokémon into one story, so it's recommended to watch and listen to how they sing in the anime before reading this for better understanding on this fanfic.

Jigglypuff's Shining Recital

"Argh!" Jigglypuff is angry, looking at Whismur. He is angry seeing Whismur faints after hearing his signature song. I thought he wouldn't sleep because of his Soundproof ability... How could this be? he thought.

Earlier before this happened, Jigglypuff finally found Whismur, a Pokémon that can hear his singing properly from beginning to the end. And he was having great time with that Whismur, but Whismur faints when Jiggly is singing the next one, because Whismur was pressured from the battles with Team Rocket, and not because of Jiggly's singing, but our pink balloon Pokémon is not amused that he prepares to do what he always do when the appeal failed.

Just in the moment where Jigglypuff prepares his mike marker, he suddenly hears a faintly voice: "You could be a star." Jigglypuff then looked around, and hears a faintly voice again: "You could do it." Jigglypuff is curious, and said "Who are you?" A faintly voice replies: "Go to the nearby forest." Although Jigglypuff seems suspicious about this, he comes to the forest. As he arrives, he hears a voice resembling a familiar tune*, and as the tune finishes, a gleaming light lands on Jigglypuff, reveals itself to be a dancer with melody note bar as her hat**.

Jigglypuff asks: "Who are you?" and the dancer says: "I am the inspiration of all songs!" She dances gracefully. "I am Meloetta!" she said it as she finishes the pose, and a shining light glows as she makes this pose. "I called you because I think you need some help." said Meloetta as she reverts to her usual form***. Jigglypuff says: "It is... even since I'm in Kanto region, I'm dreaming of singing as superdiva talent. Back then, I was unable to sing. Ever since I met a certain people who gives food to me, I am so happy that I could achieve my dream... But later I find out that when I sing, everybody sleeps! So I have a quest for myself that I keep even when I follow them to Hoenn region. However, when I seemingly get somebody that wouldn't sleep, he sleeps too..."

"Let me check your song, Jigglypuff." Meloetta asks. And Jigglypuff sings his signature song as usual. "Jigglypuff, your singing abilities are extra fabulous, and has the dreamy feeling as well. In other words, it's wonderful." Jigglypuff is a little surprised, for twice in his life, he see that Meloetta does not fell asleep like the Whismur earlier. "What do you mean?" Jigglypuff asks. "Yes, your song are so wonderful. But, I think if you could turn the dreamy feeling the right way, you could make everybody hearing your song stay awake." said Meloetta. "What's by turning the dreamy feeling?" Jigglypuff asks. "I'll show you how." said Meloetta. She sings a hearty soothing song, Jigglypuff is fascinated by her song.

"That song is great! How did you do that?" Jigglypuff asks, now he's very excited. Meloetta said: "I'll train you to be the best!" So, Jigglypuff sings, sings, sings, and still sings his signature song as he is trained by Meloetta. So after a week has passed, he managed to turn the dreamy feeling the right way. Jigglypuff is happy now that wild Pokémon in the forest now stay awake while still hearing his own song.

"Thank you, Meloetta! Thanks to you, I have fulfilled my dream!" says Jigglypuff. "You're welcome, Jigglypuff." said Meloetta. And as they parted, Meloetta sings a parting song, which Jigglypuff will remember as long as he lived. Since then, he is becoming famous, and a mike with Jigglypuff is made, and his song is used by a trainer's Chatot to win a contest. Jigglypuff is now living and singing his way happily.


* Relic Song
** Pirouette Form
*** Aria Form

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