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Game_sloth's Zora is Reserved.

Reservations until January 1:
Twili - Lilizuki
Goron - heretostay123
Zora - IceFyr1928
Zora - Game_sloth

GM Reservation (Unending):
Twili - WolfOfEve

Remaining Spots:
Places will be returned if reservations end.

Hylian: 4 remain (0 Reserved, 1 Accepted)
Kokiri: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Gerudo: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Goron: 4 Remain (1 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Zora: 3 Remain (2 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Rito: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Twili: 3 Remain (2 Reserved, 0 Accepted)

Hylians: djcboi
Goron: Reserve
Zora: Reserve, Reserve
Twili: Reserve, Reserve

IceFyr1928, your sign-up was denied. Racial fusion is an impossibility. Your reservation still remains, though, so all you need to do is fix the issue and resubmit your sign-up.

Game_sloth, your Zora place is reserved until January 1st.

heretostay123, Gorons also don't have an age, and die by natural means excluding aging.
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